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Special thanks to Snoop Doggie Doug for this drawing of me!

For those of you who use WorldsAway, you probably have seen me. I'm Lord Xopl (oh, right... I said that already) that pumpkin headed guy. You can go to my Biography Page to find more info about Xopl.

If you don't know what WorldsAway is you probably are really confuzed by this page. Well, to put it shortly, WorldsAway is an online virtual world where you can make friends, shop, and do just about anything you can do in real life. Its like a giant chat room, but 1,000,000% better. You can see others, dress yourself however you like, go to a variety of places, gesture (wave, jump, smile, etc.), and even rent a turf. Its the most unique experience I know of, and its very very fun. It is soooo close to real life. note

-The Patch (Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Pumpkins) Official Homepage
-The Forbidden Picture
-Pagan Gods of Kymer Page
-A Bit of WorldsAway History
-NEW! Body Paint Color Codes

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