A Biography... note

About Xopl of Kymer...

When in Kymer note I like to talk with my friends, go to events like trivia, think of pranks to play, and just ghost around enjoying the scenery. I rarely sit in my turf, but its note really quite nice inside. I like to talk to people, but I am sometimes busy. If you see me go ahead and say hi. I'll say hi back, and I don't bite. (not often anyway) Just remember, be kind and it'll get you far.

(This is what I'd look like if I was an oracle, and actually, that
hooded head look is the look I always wanted.) note

I arrived in Kymer sometime in March 1996. Ever since I made my first 600 some tokens I've worn my jackolantern_head. I guess its just me. I started The Patch note with some friends of mine back in the middle of '96, and I also joined House Orbitron. I am (or was) a Hierophant in House Orbitron. I'm not sure if that group exists anymore... and my rank would be much higher by now.

Some highlights of my days in Phantasus are being deghosted for the turfs note grand opening, winning the 1996 Halloween Bash Trivia contest note, and taking 2nd place at Gravescape '97 trivia when I missed the first 5 questions. note I'm sure there are some other things, but I can't remember right now. About the turf opening thing.. there's a funny story that goes with that one <g> I was first thru the door.. but I took a wrong turn and ended up going to the elevators instead of the manager's desk.. so I ended up waiting 3 hours to get a turf LOL! note

There are some other WorldsAway accomplishments I'm proud of. I am the brains behind "Bag O' Snow's" (confetti bags with white confetti for snow) and I am also the brains behind those "a snowball in the face!" snowballs. note Besides these two things, I also was the one who thought up the idea of having safaris in the jungle. note What I mean by this is, well, you know how special colored, special named animal heads would be hidden throughout the jungle and changed monthly? This was my idea for a way to get more people to explore the jungle. I am not telling you all this stuff to brag. I just don't want the history of Kymer to be forgotten.

About the Waking World Xopl...

In real life I am 99% note computer geek. I also enjoy art -- observing and producing. I love music. When I'm not online I also like to do stuff with my friends.. as long as I get outa my town. note I hate tomatoes if anyone was wondering. note I love cartoons and a sick sense of humor. (Ren and Stimpy, Animaniacs, and The Simpsons are my fave cartoons note) I gotta good sense of humor myself.

Please Recycle. :-)