The Forbidden Picture!

Here is the picture the WorldsAway Community Forum refused to post in its library. The picture is a joke between me and Duckolyte note - Lady Shell (the one getting stabbed). The idea sprung into my head one night and she voluteered for the picture. I captured the pic, and added some blood for character, and then sent it over to Shell for her to see. From there I uploaded it to the forum for the world to enjoy... I thought everyone would find it very humourous. The forum people gave me some rather shakey reasons for not approving it and told me it was too bad for the libraries. Tell me... is it really THAT bad?? Here is the pic and the story I used when I uploaded it. Enjoy! :-)

Shell just HAD to get hungry for pumpkin pie didn't she? She got out her knife and tried to cut herself a peice. Well, I took that knife away from her and solved the problem pretty quick, didn't I? hehehehehe note