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(I made the logo, pretty cool huh? Too bad gifs ruin image quality, though. note

The Patch was created by me and others a while ago as a way to bring a buncha pumpkins note closer together, and to provide some fun for the citizens of Kymer. Patchlords note are the people of the highest power in The Patch, followed by PatchKnights, then Patchlings. We might not be the biggest group... but that's a good thing! And who wants to be like the other groups anyway? Originality is good. <g> note We are relatively small, but it doesn't slow us down at all. Hopefully we'll be able to bring you lots of fun events etc. Those of you that have come to our trivia contests already know what we are like. :-)


Trivia - Another game of trivia coming soon. Expect the same AWESOME level of prizes we always offer!! note


More information about The Patch:

Text info file. Press Release 8/96 note

See the Members.