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Well, I had to have something interesting having to do with WorldsAway, so this is the answer to that. This section is a description of some lesser known pagan gods of Kymer. Pagan meaning not of the Morpheus following standard. note Each god or goddess is breifly described and a picture is shown if available.

The Crash Monster

I'm willing to bet everyone has encountered the Crash Monster before, although most of you probably have never heard of him. He's responsible for all crashes, personal crashes and whole-world crashes. There's not much you can do to prevent it: the crash monster gets us all from time to time. Some of the more popular times when he reared his ugly head were on Crash Day (The first official Fern Day) and Halloween 1996, when after the crash you could only get inworld using winsock and even then you had to face the most terrible lag Kymer has ever seen. And if you don't beleive me about the Crash Monster, just ask Acolyte BLD note Stalker. He told me all about him.

Rwujah note

Rwujah, the Flightless One, is the god worshiped by secret kiwi clans. Although these clans aren't well documented... they exist. Rwujah seems to be one of the very least known and more pointless gods of the land of Kymer. The Patch, even though you may think we worship a great pumpkin or something, does believe in Rwujah, although The Patch has no official statement as to how involved we are in the beleif.

The Token Fairy

The Token Fairy is probably the most known of pagan gods or goddesses, but not many know to call her the 'Token Fairy.' By legend the Token Fairy is the one who slips all the tokens into our ATM accounts, and is responsible for the "1 token"'s found laying around Phantasus. Its hard to guess if she's actually trying to torcher us by only placing 1 token, or really trying to be generous. Besides these activities, other folk tales have arisen talking of days when she puts tokens under our fuzzies if we complete certain rituals, and there are also tales of her slipping extra tokens into ATM accounts here and there.

Typo Demons

Typo Demons aren't really 'gods', but they do fall into this area anyway. Typo Demons are easily the most dispized and most forgotten at the same time. They are the creatures responsible for those nasty repeated-repeated typos (you know what I mean), and they are the ones who occasionally switch key functions to mess up our writing. Although they seem to get to everyone, not many have remembered the names of these trouble makers. The legend of them seems to have grown weak. Typo Demons also are the most wide spread of all entities, inhabiting all worlds, dream and waking.

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Kymer God Sighting!

An ordinary frog? No way! Experts and historians agree, this photograph taken near the Phantasus City Pond captures Morpheus himself in one of his many forms!! Thats right! Morpheus is known by his antics, inlcuding his love for shape-changing or 'morphing'--get it? 'morph'...Morpheus! Thats right, you saw it here! Morpheus caught on film! One expert testified, "You can tell that's more than a normal frog... just look at its sly grin!"
Watch here for more photos in the future!

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