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Hanson, PLEASE stop singing!!!

Someone! PLEASE! Make Hanson stop singing! Make the radios and TV stop playing 'MmmmBop'!!! I can't take it anymore!!! I'm going to go to their house in Tulsa, OK and boundnote and gag them all!!!!! note

To all the immature people who sent me flames, I'd just like to say how impressed I am that you can use swear words. You guys are so intelligent. (If you haven't noticed, I am being sarcastic.) And by the way... this is a parody. Anybody who actually would consider physically hurting another human being needs help. Real life violence is bad. And, for the record, HANSON STILL SUCKS! note

A beautiful quote off a Hanson page guestbook.

"if i read one more thing about how cute Taylor is I will VOMIT! He is sooo femine looking it is disgusting!" ... "I mean sure, the band is sweet now....But in 5 months ya'll will be embarrased to admit that you own the CD. Hanson is just another TREND. Like The Spice Girls...They'll disapear soon." note

Places to Flame

-The Official Hanson Site

-A non-official Hanson site with tons of horrid little links

Other Anti-Hanson Pages

-Kwik's Anti-Hanson Page

-"We hate Hanson girls page"

-Another Anti-Hanson Page


-Bleachman's Anti-Hanson Page



-Carrie's Anti-Hanson Guestbook




-ThE AnTi-HaN$0n $iTe


Top 10 Things to do With a Hanson CD note

10. Feed it to a dog
9. Use it as a frisbee
8. Pretend its a donut and eat it
7. Use it as a coaster
6. Use it as the flying saucer in fake UFO photos
5. Use it as a dartboard
4. Burn it
3. Sharpen the edges and use it as a sawblade
2. Return it
1. Break it

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