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 6.23.2001 - This is now purely for archival purposes... visit version 4.0 note

 7.11.2000 - Hardly worth mentioning, (well, actually, they are funny as hell) but here are some quotes I've gotten in emails.

 4.25.1900 - I went to the NIN show at Madison Saturday night. It was an event beyond the realm of words. I have a piece of Mr. Reznor's keyboard. One thing haunts me though, I feel empty because I didn't get Trent's autograph, or shake his hand, or anything. note I'll have to go to another concert.

 3.18.1900 - A poem was added to my poetry page. Some rusty content problems were polished. I'll make a new Kill Flik as soon as I can!

 1.4.1900 - I added Body Paint Color Codes to my WorldsAway section.

 1.1.1900 - HAPPY NEWYEARS! I went and dusted the content of this site. No major additions. note

 12.11.99 - Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays! Ok, so I'm a schmuck and still haven't done anything to this site. Perhaps over Christmas break...

 4.15.99 - Hello everyone. I am in fact alive. I would like to personally appologize for the lack of attention this website has received recently. Other than a new February BSOTM and the X-Mas Kill Flik and that new WA section, I haven't done anything to this site. Between work, education, secret projects, women note, and everything else I just haven't had a lot of free time. I'm planning to go through the site and update all the terribly outdated content, (About Me section and so on) and I am also planning to do a graphical revamp for the interior of my site to make it more appealing to the eye. I also intend to keep new Kill Flik's coming, etc. I have some new poems to upload, and I have a new WorldsAway section I can create. I'll get to all of this someday. For now... an April BSOTM.


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