Bullshit of the Month - May

Wow... lots of BS this month! This first one is very sad. In Chicago, a 15-year-old boy named Christopher Sercye was shot while playing basketball only steps away from a hospital. He laid there bleeding because the emergency room workers refused to go treat him, stating it was against their policies to leave the building. After 30 minutes an upset police officer took a wheelchair and brought the boy in. His effort was in vain, though. Christopher died after 1 hour in the hospital. Where does the need to follow policies end and the need to be a good person begin? note

In Tomahawk, Wisconsin a 17-year-old named Adam J. Kope was sentenced to pay $20,000 in damages and spend 90 days in jail. He was convicted of installing viruses on the high school's computers. He would have been charged with a felony if it wasn't for a plea bargain. Now come on!!!! $20,000 in damages due to computer viruses?? At a school?? Sounds like the school is milking it to get funds. And you can't really blame the kid either. School is so boring, he had to busy himself with something.

Gene McKinney, former top enlisted soldier of the Army, will receive full retirement pay even though he was convicted of obstructing justice in a sexual harassment case and has been accused of groping women or pressuring them into sex via his rank. He was lowered one rank, and his pay was cut by a military jury. Although he did receive some punishment, I can't believe they gave this guy full retirement pay!

In Clarksburg, West Virginia, circuit court judge Joseph Troisi jumped from his bench, pulled off his robe, and bit a defendant on the nose after the man swore at the judge several times. Joseph is no longer a judge, but he was found innocent of violating the man's civil rights! He was fricken acquitted!!! That's such bullshit! note

A deal was proposed in the midwest to sell 156 million gallons of Lake Superior water to Asia. This just seems wrong to me for some reason. Its almost rediculous. A 90-year old treaty with Canada states no water can be removed without both governments' consent, and President Clinton was also asked to step in.

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