Bullshit of the Month - June

An anti-gay billboard campaign was started near Madison, WI. The billboards proclaim: "Homosexuality is not a family value. Homosexuality is a sin." This is such bullshit. Its bigoted and wrong. Thankfully, when something this disgustingly prejudice shows up in the public's view most people are outraged by it, so the campaign will likely backfire. note

In New York, police officer Michael Meyer was accused of shooting a man when he came up to the squad car's window and tried to clean it with a squeegee while it was stopped at an intersection. The victim is luckily alive in a stable, critical condition. The officer pleaded innocent, but his record of seven civilian complaints makes me think "BULLSHIT!"

President Clinton issued a memorandum stating that federal documents MUST be written in plain english so everyone can get their message. Sounds like a really good idea to me. Of course, two hours later, our president released a proclamation: "On March 18, 1998, the United States International Trade Commission (USITC) transmitted to the president a unanimous affirmative determination in its investigation under section 202 of the Trade Act of 1974, as amended ... in subheadings 1109.00.10......" I think this one speaks for itself. :-)

Former Vice president Dan Quayle of the Republican party was asked about their presidential nominee for the 2000 elections. He replied by stating, "Let me just be very clear that the Republican Party will select a nominee that will beat Bill Clinton." Funny, I thought that the 22nd Amendment said something about presidents only being able to serve two terms? hmmmm... another politician that doesn't know the laws... I guess I'm not surprized. note

According to the Rev. Speaker Gerald Polley of Maine, dead Californians go to limbo rather than heaven because the state has so many demons living in it. They are all considered potential canidates for hell right now, according to him. ummmmmm... yeah... ok... note

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