Bullshit of the Month - December

Approximately 1,140 (One thousand, one hundred, and forty) trees were killed to print the newest issue of Bride's Magazine. 912,000 (Nine hundred and twelve thousand) copies of this 4.5 (Four and a half) pound book were made! note

NOTE: The following are facts. The facts themselves are not bullshit, however the fact that the Y2K bug exists is. note

Quote from Intel spokesman Andy Grove: "The problem [Y2K bug] is going to be pretty bad."

Recent Survey Results: 13% of Technology Executives are stockpiling firearms, building fences, and/or installing security alarms.

Quote from Conn. Senator Christopher Dodd: "We're no longer at the point of asking whether or not there will be any power disruptions but now we are forced to ask how severe the disruptions are going to be."

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