Bullshit of the Month - April

Kevin Mitnick has been imprisoned by the United States government for:

(This is a really old web page and Mitnick is no longer in prison, but I leave this page as-is for historical reasons.

without a trial! I seem to remember something about a right to a speedy trial in our constitution, among other things. note

The parents of the deranged teen who shot and killed other teens at his school (a new cliché last year) in Padukah, Kentucky have decided to sue Sony, Nintendo, Sega, and Time Warner to aparently make up for their complete lack of parenting. Movies and video games do NOT make psychos. I know plenty of people who aren't potential killers, yet they have played violent video games since their pre-teen days and have watched R rated movies since then as well. People are born unstable. People are pushed over the edge by direct stimuli. note

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