Bullshit of the Month - March

Wednesday, 3.25.98 -- Mike Cameron, a high school senior in Evans, Ga., was suspened for wearing a Pepsi shirt on the school's Coke Day. The event was planned for the possibility of winning a contest ran by the Coca-Cola Bottling Company. Their first prize would be $500, with a small chance of winning the national $10,000 award. Cameron wore a shirt over his Pepsi shirt all day, until it came to picture time, when he revealed that his undershirt was pro-Pepsi. The teachers found it disruptive, disrespectful, and damaging to the picture. Cameron insists he wore the shirt as a joke. It is in his personality to be an un-conformer. note

The Coke executives did not even notice his shirt. A spokeswoman for Coke said that the execs were not offended. She also said that she did not care because it was a joke and things like it happen all the time.

The school insists anyone who disrupts a school photo gets suspension, but Cameron's own mother and some others find the suspension very excessive. Personally, I wish the ACLU would sue the living hell out of the school for infringing upon Cameron's first amendment rights. Making obscene gestures in a school picture would be logical note grounds for suspension, but Cameron was just exercising his legal freedom of speech. He has the legal right to wear any shirt he wishes. note

See his picture/more information: CNN.com Article

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