April 2005, A Foreword by Xopl

Back in 1996 I created my first web site and hosted it through my ISP at http://www.execpc.com/~drandy/. It went through three face lifts, and archived here is the third and final design and version of that original content. A lot of what went into this web site was directed at an old crowd of readers taken mostly from the WorldsAway and QBasic scenes of CompuServe and the early World Wide Web. A community of readers carries with them a core of knowledge about the content they consume. Over time, as I've neglected this site, the old readers have moved on and they took most of the metadata that made my site's content comprehendible with them. That is why this month I've gone back and annotated everything.

If you simply place your mouse cursor over any of these note little icons, you can read the annotations. Thanks for visiting this old site. If it isn't your first time, welcome home.

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