Me Programs

This is an incomplete compilation of games and stuff I've programed or found. note They are all good. Watch here closely for updates and new stuff. If its a .BAS file that means its a QBasic (Quick Basic) note program. To download a QBasic program, click on the link to the file, wait for it to be completely read, and then choose to "save as..." from your browsers menubar, to save it. note

Stick Fighten v2.51b - A QBasic stickperson fighting game, with blood even. Its better than it sounds!!!! note   note

XDRAW.BAS v1.4b - Save pictures as QBasic files. VERY useful for creating graphics in your programs. A GREAT utility! Easy to use. Saves unlike similar utilities. note

Lucky 'Z' Slots v6.5b - A GREAT slot machine game for QBasic! Passwords, saved high scores, and more! note

CPROGS.ZIP - Demo C/C++ programs I made a while ago. 1 or 2 of the programs run too fast on pentiums. (EXE files) note

Learn how to use a QBasic program by clicking here

NOTE: Exec-PC note and I cannot and will not be held liable for any damages caused by any files you download from this site. I can guarentee that I DID NOT put any viruses or malicious code in anything on this page, but its always possible that someone could break into my files and infect them or something. In other words, download at your own risk, and you can't sue me if something goes wrong.

In the works:
1. A wonderful RPG game! note
2. Cooool C/C++ games (that's .EXE files, the real thing) note

Available by request: A Ticket Raffle Program (in QBasic) (for citizens of Kymer)

How to use a QBasic program:

Ok, you got that QBasic file.. but have no clue how to use it. Here's what you do.... First, make sure you have the program "QBASIC.EXE" somewhere on your harddrive. (check your DOS directory) Then, copy the QBasic file (something.BAS) to whatever directory QBASIC.EXE is in. (this makes things easier) Now, either by running it in DOS or running it in Windows, run QBASIC.EXE. (so in DOS, once you were in the right directory you'd type QBASIC) If you managed to follow me so far <g> you'll then see this thing that looks like a word processor. Select "FILE" from the menubar and choose to "OPEN" a file... then just open up the something.BAS file you got from here and either read the stuff that will show up on the screen, or press SHIFT+F5 to run it right away.