Xopl's Favorite Sites

Announcing: The Xopl's Favorite Site Award! An award for truley only the best sites, focused at webpages of the citizens of Kymer, and websites I actually liked enough to bookmark!!

Hey, being a webdesigner and internet junkie I know that there are about 5 trillion awards out there. You might have noticed that most of these awards were created by some unknown person just to increase hits to their site. You probably see a lot of these awards and say, "Who cares! Its not like they won a Grammy!" Well... I am quite aware that I'm not the most famous or important guy on earth note, but there are some sites out there that even put mine to shame, and I just had to tell them "Xopl appreciates you! :-)"... that is why I created my award--err.. I don't even like calling it an award.. its more like a seal. It definately is not some cheap trick. I am going to make sure my seal does have some importance by not giving it to everyone and their uncle like some other people. Only those who truley deserve it will ever receive the XFS seal. note

To apply for my seal you need to send me the URL, a description, and why you think the site deserves it. If I really, really like the site then I'll award it. Please do not put any of the XFS graphics on your site without my permission... I'd be really sad and I'd have to chase you down, smear you with honey, and stake you to an ant hill. If I didn't award it to you, then you shouldn't be using it. Thanks!

The XFS graphics:

XFS Winners!

Visions (Witchy's Site) [Link currently broken]
Visions - For Peace of mind - Learn about meditation, dreams, and herbs. The Truth about Witchcraft, and Magnolyte information.

The Programmer's Page
The Programmer's Page contains all of the best BASIC source code, libraries, compilers, games, help and utilities one could want!