My Favorite Links

(I don't check very often to see if the links still work... sorry.)

My Friends' Sites and WorldsAway Related Links

WorldsAway note
Witchy's Homepage (Very interesting and very cool stuff. I love her page!) note
Ex-Homepage of The Immolator Thor from House Orbitron note
Mistweave's site (A really neat site of one of my great friends!) note
Earth, Air, Fire, Water's Site (A cool site with a lot of patches for WA.) note
Mr Mc's Site note


Hyper Dimension Software (a QBasic programming company) note
The Dark Lair of Infinite EVIL note
The Heretic's Monastery (Go see it) note
Digital's Alta-Vista (The BEST search engine.) note
The Programmers Page (LOTS of GREAT programs. A lot in QBasic.) note
The Unofficial Nine Inch Nails Homepage (NIN is the best!!!) note
The White House (Go and make your opinions known)
The FBI!! (Yes! The FBI!) note
The Point of Infinity (Its not for the faint of heart... go here at your own risk) note
TheMusicPage (BEST COLLECTION OF MIDI MUSIC ON THE WEB! Just about every good song is on this site!)
Enu and Slugger's Page (A neat page... visit their giraffe.) Link Does Not Work note
<grinning> (You don't want to know <g> At least if you go here you'll not know where yer going!) note
SoundAmerica (SoundAmerica has just about every theme song and sound clip there is, from practically every source there is to record from!) note
Official website of The X-Files (Me loves The X-Files!) note
An Awesome X-Files Site (This is awesome!!) note
Official website of Millenium (Me loves Millenium, too!) note