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xopl's lair....   a treat for your mind.
And now for a public service announcement: Save the trees, eat beavers!!!

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Welcome to my home away from home. This page is always under construction.
What's New: The new Bullshit of the Month section. March's way to kill Flik.
Please check out the new, expanded, and updated sections.
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Let the Anti-Hanson Campaign begin!!!!
I HATE Hanson! I can't stand their song 'MmmmBop'!!
Its annoys me more than any other thing on this earth.
If you hate that song, or just plain hate Hanson along with me,
PLEASE copy the icon onto your website to support the cause! Thanks.

Don't let anyone compromise your freedoms!! Support free speech on the Internet!!!!!!
Go to www.eff.org/blueribbon.html
Also go to www.vtw.org/speech
If you have a website, PLEASE copy the free speech graphics to your pages!


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