Hey, this is a big file. At the bottom it should read "The End" or you didn't get it all, in which case give it a reload. I hope you enjoy, below you will find various screen grabs, web cam snaps, and a transcript of the conversations I shared in Kymer on the night of its 10th Anniversary. Our very special guests were Oracles Teresias and Vaserius.

[Sorry, that container is full.]

Starmist: "that was Princes Princess"

Vaserius: "Ah, OK"

Vaserius: "HIehe"

Lord Xopl: "Ferret's aren't avatars!"

Starmist: "I can get a pet one"

Lord Xopl: "they're vermin"

Stue: "Exterminate"

Starmist: "looks the same"

Starmist: "oh!"

Starmist: "Thankees so much"

Vaserius: "Back..."

Kaiserfuchs: ""

Vaserius: "'Kind of..."

Starmist: "getting ferrett"

Vaserius: "My daughter is pretty good with the computer, so she won't let me use it."

Vaserius: "LOL"

Lord Xopl: "haha"

Vaserius: "Great!"

Lord Xopl: "She'll have to show daddy how to use the intertron"

Vaserius: "LOL"

Lord Xopl: ""So I click this interlink? and then what?" Daaaaaaaaaad!"

Lord Xopl: "Who muted the modem?!"

Vaserius: "The ferret!"

Vaserius: "!!!"

Lord Xopl: "Weasels"

Starmist: "yes lol"

Lord Xopl: "mammalian snakes"

Lord Xopl: "cute though"

Lord Xopl: "even if they slink and slunk and crash me"

Vaserius: "Riki Tiki Tavi"

Lord Xopl: "hahah"

Lord Xopl: "Laaaaaaag"

Starmist: "does it?"

Starmist: "sorry"

Lord Xopl: "hey is that the old VMart fuzzie?"

Lord Xopl: "800T"

Stue: "Sure is"

Starmist: "sprite is here now"

K1TT1: "this should make your daughter happy"

Lord Xopl: "I still got mine somewhere"

Vaserius: "Too bad about the Z axis there...."

Vaserius: "She's loving it! Thank you!"

Lord Xopl: "wrong color"

Starmist: "Sprite is an avatar"

Starmist: "other was a pet"

Kaiserfuchs: "but Vaserius, the graphic engine is still..."

K1TT1: "welcome"

Kaiserfuchs: "remarkeable"

Vaserius: "Thank you Starmist"

Stue: "Mmmm GS"

Stue: "<g>"

Lord Xopl: "man oh man... 800T was a lot back then"

Starmist: "welcome"

Rabbit: ""

Stue: "Wow!"

Lord Xopl: "I had to pawn my first jackolantern head to rent a turf"

Starmist: "have you see the fish etc?"

Stue: "Hey Rabbit!"

Rabbit: "hey had to appear as Vaz is here"

K1TT1: "rabz "

Lord Xopl: "Speaking of Laaaaaaaaaag(omorphs)"

K1TT1: "happy kny"

Starmist: "omg Rabbit"

Lord Xopl: "<-----"

Lord Xopl: "<------"

Rabbit: "evening all"

Stue: "Now THIS is old school"

Sprite, Ferret of Narnia: "sp"

Sprite, Ferret of Narnia: "Hi lag"

Catolyte Mel: "wow... lol"

Lord Xopl: "howdy"

Vaserius: "Hey Lag!"

Starmist: "omg where is Michael"

Catolyte Mel: "talk about oldbies ;)"

Stue: "Haha"

Necrolyte White Rose: "oh wow"

Oracle NightStar: "i know this person"

Vaserius: "So great to see old friends!"

Rabbit: "huggs NS toots"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "there we go "

K1TT1: "yes and mel in this world you are one"

Necrolyte White Rose: "BRB"

Stue: "kk"

Oracle NightStar: "have a drink"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "hehe"

Lord Xopl: "FUDGE"

Rabbit: "this isnt beer"

Lord Xopl: "anyone logging this"

Rabbit: "<g>"

Vaserius: "I thought you were done for the night, Lag."

Starmist: "ooo did ya see the anniversary turf?"

Lord Xopl: "I've already lost have the text"

Starmist: "it's great"

Lord Xopl: "please somebody log this"

Conversation Missing

Starmist: "yep goats"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "I need my rainbow colors LOL"

Acolyte Aloha: "how the heck are u?"


Stue: "Does it?"

Rabbit: "doing good thank you"

Acolyte Aloha: "xopllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!"

Acolyte Aloha: "Hugs toots!"

Starmist: "not seen a goat?"

Necrolyte White Rose: "I remember temple parties..when you'd get a 2 close friends and use the 3 person room to sort through "

Necrolyte White Rose: "crap. it actually was fun"

Lord Xopl: "hugs!"

Starmist: "the raindeer is kewl"

Acolyte Aloha: "Kaiser!! Hugssss"

Nem: "k, gotta finished what I started before I lose track lol... wanted to say hi "

Starmist: "reindeer even"

Vaserius: "With the glasses on, it's like you're resting your chin on your chest."

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "yaknow whats crazy.. this is the same exact head I bought out of the vendo 10 years ago "

Rabbit: "dang all we need is a froot cake for X"

Vaserius: "Heh."

Rabbit: "<eg>"

Lord Xopl: "NO FROOT"

Stue: "I could do with a quick nap "

Starmist: "lol"

Acolyte Aloha: "he IS a frootcake"

Lord Xopl: "look an HHc"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "frooot hha"

Headhunter Chief: "si si"

Acolyte Aloha: "HHC!!! Hugsss"

<ESP from Starchilde: HUggglesss>

Vaserius: "LOL"

Headhunter Chief: "Aloha"

Starmist: "Aloha"

Headhunter Chief: "smooch"

Lord Xopl: "How about some Turtle Tag"

Acolyte Aloha: "Hugs Darlin"

*Abbi Bi SeXXyy is now following you.*

Rabbit: "the original HHC I might add"

<ESP to Starchilde: HUGS!>

Headhunter Chief: "smooch Abbi"

Starmist: "omg out of the woodwork"

<ESP from Starchilde: ltns>

Lord Xopl: "who's the n00b that just followed me =)"

Necrolyte White Rose: "this is just"

Acolyte Aloha: "Im off....take care Rabz..good to see u"

<ESP to Starchilde: indeed!>

Necrolyte White Rose: "too wierd"

Acolyte Aloha: ""

Vaserius: "HHC???"

Headhunter Chief: "What?"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "Vaz.. so awsome to see you agaib"

Rabbit: "the skeleton dude"

Nem: "gimme your head"

Headhunter Chief: "Vaserus?"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "lol"

Headhunter Chief: "OMI"

Rabbit: "curse of the newbies etc"

Vaserius: "The real deal? Heh, good to see you man."

Headhunter Chief: "I am in trouble"

Nem: "LOL tis Vas"

Rabbit: "reformed"

Starmist: "lol"

Lyliana: "<G>"

Rabbit: "punk"

Lord Xopl: "This is trouble"

Rabbit: "<smooch> <lick>"

Vaserius: "Good to see you, too."

Nem: "rofl"

Lyliana: "so what if i'm short!!! "

Lord Xopl: "I'm never getting to bed tonight!"

Rabbit: "that will teach you"

Headhunter Chief: "Hide me pumpkin"

Nem: "I think it's a blast "

Lord Xopl: "quick"

Kaiserfuchs: "the real hhc?"

Headhunter Chief: "Hey Kaiser"

Lyliana: "no Nem"

Lord Xopl: "get behind my enourmous head"

Necrolyte White Rose: "that is him"

Headhunter Chief: "LOL"

Nem: "yup, one and only lol"

Vaserius: "This is surreal,people."

Starmist: "lol"

Necrolyte White Rose: "all grown up"

Necrolyte White Rose: "<G>"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "White, here.. was the first friend I had IW, talk about memories <g>"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: ""

Lord Xopl: "Where's Flik and Nadman"

Stue: "Thats the understatement of the last 10 years "

Kaiserfuchs: "who lost his head once by misfortune? <g>"

Nem: "No Nem what?"

Headhunter Chief: "I am now safe and sound"

Necrolyte White Rose: "yup"

Nem: "lol"

Conversation Missing

Rabbit: "and you where named serving wench"

Lyliana: "king of what?"

Nem: "ooo rabbit king?"

Nem: "LOL!!"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "ha"

Lyliana: "hahaha"

Lyliana: "nice try"

Nem: "tata guys, wanted to say hiya"

Rabbit: "damn"

Necrolyte White Rose: "Xopl is the pumpkin king"

Lord Xopl: "somebody give HHC the golden handcuffs before he runs off with Vaz"

Starchilde: "Cain"

Lord Xopl: "hey Cain! bro"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "hah"

Necrolyte White Rose: "Cain!"

Necrolyte White Rose: "LOL"

Headhunter Chief: "Rabbit already did"

Cain Lancer: "hey ya jack assLOL"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "cain "

Necrolyte White Rose: "there's a GK (I think!)"

Headhunter Chief: "LOL"

Lyliana: "ok....who are all these imposters??? "

Cain Lancer: "a founder LOL"

Rabbit: "jack ass"

Rabbit: "that would be me"

Lord Xopl: "you look real pretty in that graphic-are-loading head"

Lord Xopl: "HAHA"

Lord Xopl: "nice makeup"

Oracle NightStar: "I did NOT say that"

Lord Xopl: "unless"

Oracle NightStar: "Hey xopl ltns"

Cain Lancer: "good to see ya bro been a long time"

Lord Xopl: "of course"

Vaserius: " Check out the web cam..."

Oracle NightStar: "Kaiser"

Lord Xopl: "you could be wearing a Kimi for real?"

Stue: "It's all good in the hood"

Stue: "Wow whats that Vaz?"

Lord Xopl: "Howdy"

Necrolyte White Rose: "it's his oracle"

Lyliana: "I burned my kimi"

Cain Lancer: "its good too see all you old timers LOL"

*Open URL: http://www.vaserius.com*

Necrolyte White Rose: "I made an oracle bear for a few gatherings"

Oracle NightStar: "is an oracle"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "indeed it is"

Vaserius: "Hang on..."

Necrolyte White Rose: "Ter an Vaz Bear <G>"

Stue: "Thats awesome"

Rabbit: "lol"

Cain Lancer: "some of us have beenholding dsown the fort lol"

Stue: "Do you have better quality pics? lol"

Rabbit: "love the Tabernacle pict"

Necrolyte White Rose: "But that is far more impressive"

Lord Xopl: "man"

Lord Xopl: "if people came in allt he time"

Lord Xopl: "it'd be a partay"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "hey NS"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "hows the weather over there? we got tornado watches"

Cain Lancer: "ive only left for 4 months in 10 years lol"

Oracle Web Cam

Vaserius shows off his Vaz Doll on the web cam.

Vaserius: "Trying to show the Oracle doll Karen Magnum made for us..."

Lyliana: "I"m in all the time "

Lord Xopl: "Vaz... I see you made yourself real hard to find LOL"

Vaserius: "But the daughter likes it too much. LOL"

Vaserius: "Yeah, I'm incognito."

Lord Xopl: "hugs Lyl!"

Abbi Bi SeXXyy: "lol"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "I never left LOL"

Rabbit: "ah thats the news Vaz since I last saw you I have a 5 year old daughter now"

Rabbit: "<g>"

Lyliana: "huuugg X?"

Starchilde: "lol i just realized it was you vaz that my monkey was humping"

Starchilde: "<g>"

Lord Xopl: "I didn't leave"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "grew up here.. was 11 when I started ;) 21 now "

Necrolyte White Rose: "LOL"

Lord Xopl: "but then again I'm not exactly here"

Starchilde: "sorry bout dat"

Vaserius: "<g>"

Vaserius: "There we go."

Necrolyte White Rose: "I left for like 3 months in 97"

Starchilde: "horny little bugger"

Vaserius: "hehe."

Necrolyte White Rose: "or was it 96"

Necrolyte White Rose: "still had the acct"

Oracle NightStar: "ahh i have to go plant a flower"

Cain Lancer: "Cain Died in 97 LOL"

Rabbit: "monkeys are that way"

Rabbit: ""

Vaserius: "Woah, 11 to 21..."

Oracle NightStar: "in baby garden"

Necrolyte White Rose: "just did not use it except to pay rent"

Cain Lancer: "Az was born LOl"

Lord Xopl: "we held a funeral"

Starchilde: "awww"

Lord Xopl: "it was really just an excuse to get drunk"

Cain Lancer: "lol"

Vaserius: "My daughter just made my Oracle "Action Figure" a princess..."

Rabbit: "lol"

Starchilde: "lol"

Conversation Missing

Vaserius: "Stue got me a gift..."

Rabbit: "but we luvs ya"

Lyliana: "<s>"

Rabbit: "its you"

Cain Lancer: "I had one of the original Bugged paitable dragons"

Vaserius: "It's me!"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "oh wow LOL"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "that is you <g>"

Starchilde: "<misses Cedrica>"

Necrolyte White Rose: "Zippy is here"

Lord Xopl: "I got my painted fake Slaver/thrall head"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "flashback "

Cain Lancer: "and a gravescape fuzzy"

Lord Xopl: "but it's bright purple"

Vaserius: "Hehe"

Lord Xopl: "inexplicably"

Starchilde: "wow"

Starchilde: "zippy is here??"

Abbi Bi SeXXyy: "Purkle is precious! "

Necrolyte White Rose: "yup"

Vaserius: "Zippy?"

Vaserius: "Wow!"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: ""

Lord Xopl: "ZIPPY!!!!!"

Necrolyte White Rose: "esp zippy"

Rabbit: "Zippy is?"

Rabbit: "wow"

<ESP to Zippy: LTNS HUGS>

Rabbit: "the duck lady"

WA Screenshot

Lord Xopl tries on an Ancient Porcelain Mask Head, that he thought was going to be painted like a Slaver or Thrall head, but by coincidence it matches Starchilde instead.

Left to Right: Lyliana, Rabbit, Vaserius, Abbi Bi SeXXyy, Lord Xopl, Starchilde, Cain Lancer, Kaiserfuchs, Head Hunter Chief, Stue, Necrolyte White Rose, Catolyte Marvelous Melinda.

Starchilde: "yer scaring me"

Rabbit: "as in Aco Zippy?"

Necrolyte White Rose: "I think so"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "zippy "

Starchilde: "dunno"

Necrolyte White Rose: "was on my friend;s list in the locale--->"

Lyliana: "where's Zip?"

Rabbit: "checking one sec"

Rabbit: "no reply"

[Sorry, that container is full.]

Starchilde: "shes a squirrle"

Necrolyte White Rose: "yes"

Starchilde: "lol"

Lord Xopl: "things keep falling of me pockets"

Lord Xopl: "I think it's these holes in my pockets"

Necrolyte White Rose: "just won a fox next door"

Lord Xopl: "chests"

Vaserius: "BRB (AFK)"

Rabbit: "only in your head X"

Rabbit: "<g>"

Vaserius: "Going to the little avatars"

Vaserius: "room"

Starchilde: "is dat a frog in yer pocket?"

Lyliana: "can we still reg for raffle?"

Abbi Bi SeXXyy: "NO U are to big Vas"

Necrolyte White Rose: "sorry"

Starchilde: "or you just happy to see me?"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "darnit.. I came in too late to win stuff me thinks <g>"

Necrolyte White Rose: "confirmed"

Lord Xopl: "actually it is a wocket"

Abbi Bi SeXXyy: "go to the BIG ppl's room"

Vaserius: "Hehe"

Necrolyte White Rose: "different zippy"

Abbi Bi SeXXyy: ""

Lord Xopl: "I had a wocket in my pocket"

Starchilde: "awww"

Rabbit: "reg with who?"

Stue: "Jal"

Lyliana: "brb"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "jal yea"

Lord Xopl: "what's his avy's naem"

Lord Xopl: "name"

Rabbit: "for what?"

Stue: "Oracle Jal (WM)"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "oracle jal (wm)"

Starchilde: "Oracle Jal (wm)"

Starchilde: "for this"

Isabeau: "empty"

<ESP to Oracle Jal (WM): woof woof register for raffle? woof>

Isabeau: "omg lag :)"

Lord Xopl: "hi"

Starchilde: "you always like it when i rub my fuzzie on yer face "

Isabeau: "greetings"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "huggzzz Isa "

Starchilde: "<g>"

Lord Xopl: "http://lord.xopl.com/jal/"

Isabeau: "huggers"

Lord Xopl: "highly funny incident involving Jal"

Isabeau: "um pervert star"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "hmm the storm seems to be breaking up a bit"

Isabeau: "<eg>"

Starchilde: "wot???"

Lord Xopl: "he painted a door some ugly color"

Starchilde: "yer the perv"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "no tornados would be nice"

Isabeau: "empty ya hands"

Lord Xopl: "and I caught him"

Isabeau: "no I'm not"

Isabeau: "I'm innocent"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "who? mine are :P"

Conversation Missing

Starchilde: "I would love to see him"

Necrolyte White Rose: "lol"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "maxxie "

Headhunter Chief: "Maxxie was back a few months ago"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "yea I would too"

Isabeau: "he was for awhile"

Headhunter Chief: "and so was Sejanus"

Isabeau: "only saw him couple of times"

Cain Lancer: "Sej is still around"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "I should go get my rainbow colors haha"

Starchilde: "i wish Emmanuelle and Elaan would come back"

Isabeau: "ya mellie"

Necrolyte White Rose: "oohh yes"

Starchilde: "all da Mags"

Isabeau: "its oldie look day"

Starchilde: "need some naughtiness"

Rabbit: "Rosie is here"

Rabbit: "Rosaleah of the Jungle"

[Sorry, that container is full.]

Necrolyte White Rose: "rosaleah?"

Necrolyte White Rose: "yup"

Rabbit: "yea"

Vaserius: "Original Acolyte Rosaleah?"

Rabbit: "yes"

Necrolyte White Rose: "Brynne is stil IW but in the hospital with a broken leg"

Lord Xopl: "ROSA"

Stue: "Yup"

Vaserius: "Wow."

Rabbit: "Rosaleah of the Jungle"

Starchilde: "isa?"

Vaserius: "Yeah, I heard about Brynne. "

Starchilde: "Elf won the hourglass"

Isabeau: "she did?"

WA Screenshot

Left to Right: Cain Lancer, Rabbit, Vaserius, Abbi Bi SeXXyy, Lord Xopl, Starchilde, Kaiserfuchs, Head Hunter Chief, Stue, Necrolyte White Rose, Catolyte Marvelous Melinda, Isabeau

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "lucky"

[There are 17 ghosts.]

*Isabeau, Cain Lancer, Starchilde, Headhunter Chief, Necrolyte White Rose, Catolyte Marvelous Melinda, *

*Rabbit, Stue, Vaserius, Lord Xopl, Abbi Bi SeXXyy, Kaiserfuchs, and 16 ghosts.*

Isabeau: "yanno so far I'm the only one in my group that won anything lol"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: ":P"

Starchilde: "i know"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "i havent yet "

Necrolyte White Rose: "poof"

Necrolyte White Rose: "rabs won"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "wtg rab hah"

Isabeau: "they yank me from my storage turf while I dig for green crap"

Starchilde: "star sammich"

Starchilde: "<g>"

Vaserius: "Oh, Randy Farmer says "Hi" to everyone."

Vaserius: "And "I've got a secret...""

Vaserius: "LOL"

Vaserius: "He couldn't make it in tonight."

Necrolyte White Rose: ""

Starchilde: "rubs ma panties on xopls face"

Lord Xopl: "haha"

Stue: "Aww"

Starchilde: "<g>"

Necrolyte White Rose: "awwwww"

Lord Xopl: "that tickles"

Starchilde: "you wuvs it"

Lord Xopl: "yer gonna get my punkin seeds in your panties"

Vaserius: "Randy's still in the game, doing great things at Yahoo."

Lord Xopl: "<rimshot>"

Starchilde: "hahahah"

Vaserius: "Y'all should connect with me on 360."

Vaserius: "Just be sure to tell me you saw me here. :-)"

Necrolyte White Rose: ""

Starchilde: "does that mean i will have little baby pumpkins?"

Vaserius: "360.yahoo.com/vaserius"

Rabbit: "I won a froony"

Necrolyte White Rose: "what is Ter doing?"

Lord Xopl: "probably"

Starchilde: "<g>"

Lord Xopl: "what's a yahoo?"

Vaserius: "Teresias is sitting here drinking beer and ESPing."

Vaserius: "LOL"

Lord Xopl: "you two are hanging out in the WW?"

Isabeau: "must be nice"

Headhunter Chief: (some things never change)

Necrolyte White Rose: "lol"

Stue: "Check out www.vaserius.com to see Vaz and Teresias on cam in the RW"

Lord Xopl: "Damn Minnesota...can't get beer after 8"

Abbi Bi SeXXyy: "lol"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: ""

Necrolyte White Rose: "Piemur is still around"

Vaserius: "Teresias is community manager at schwab learning."

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "phroggiiee heh"

Vaserius: "www.schwablearning.org"

Starchilde: "mellie looks socute over there"

Rabbit: "yea Pie I see from time to time"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "my old head "

Necrolyte White Rose: ""

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "hold a spot for me LP:"

Starchilde: "ya your adorable"

Vaserius: "It's a non-profit, and he runs a community for people with learning-disabled children.,"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "ill go get my rainnow"

Necrolyte White Rose: "retro"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "<b>"

Cain Lancer: "later all dont be a damm stananger X look for me As Azrael cains hardly ever used "

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "<g>"

Vaserius: "Piemur? Wow."

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "brb "

Lord Xopl: "Cya bro"

Lord Xopl: "good to hear from you"

Abbi Bi SeXXyy: "Cool green robs ya got there in the pic!"

<ESP to Cain Lancer: hugs>

<ESP from Cain Lancer: later bro>

Vaserius: "I still have the pic of him hauling away the pawn machine. LOL"

Rabbit: "Rosie toots"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "Hey Rabbit"

Lord Xopl: "ROSA!"

Rabbit: "monkey girl"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "lookee wot I wonned"

Vaserius: "Later Xopl."

Guinevere: "hugssss all"

Lord Xopl: "Where you going vaz?"

Isabeau: "the monkeys are so cute"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "I winned me munkee"

Vaserius: "Oh, wait, are you leaving?"

Rabbit: "a minky"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "ROFL"

Lord Xopl: "nope"

Vaserius: "Nope, mix up."

Guinevere: "I saw"

Lord Xopl: "hehe"

Vaserius: "Sorry. Hehe"

Isabeau: "just don't let star play with em"

Guinevere: "me too"

Starchilde: "he's tryin to get rid of ya"

Lord Xopl: "yeah"

Lord Xopl: "typical"

Starchilde: "why??"

Rabbit: "I won Oracle Whimsie"

Kaiserfuchs: "http://www.peter-und-paul-fest.de/"

Abbi Bi SeXXyy: "Vas, "

Rabbit: "Jal said so"

Starchilde: "<looks extremely innocent>"

Rabbit: ""

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "LOL"

Kaiserfuchs: "sorry, was meant for esp <g>"

Vaserius: "Rosaleah!"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "you lucky bunny you"

Guinevere: "dang we be a big bunch of oldbies"

Vaserius: "Is that really you?"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "Vaz"

Abbi Bi SeXXyy: "Ferret Smooch says she is workign on uploading a pic for you"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "um"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "Yeah."

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "rofl"

Kaiserfuchs: "Rosaleah "

Lord Xopl: "he's still mad about me and my buddy ESPing him about those bricks of pot in his oracle robes "

Vaserius: "Wow, great to see you!"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "Wunnerful to see you, Vaz!"

Isabeau: "ghosting for mellie"

*You are now following Catolyte Marvelous Melinda.*

*Open URL: http://members.tripod.com/~Melinda_Mccall/index.html*

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "hehe thanks Isa"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "LOL"

Starchilde: "lol"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "Hey, Vaz,"

Guinevere: "I had to call Texas and tell her about all of this"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "there we go haha"

Guinevere: "oh my Mel"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "yanno I got caught in the swamp for a few years"

Vaserius: "Great!"

Starchilde: "oh yer hot stuff now"

Starchilde: "look at the paint patch"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "came back to look around for an hour or so"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "That was 3 years ago"

Vaserius: "Hehe."

Vaserius: "I haven't been in since 1997."

Rabbit: "hehe Rosie"

Vaserius: "I think.."

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "you kin take da jungle outta da munkee"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "but not da munkee outta da jungle"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "this was me about 8-9 years ago"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: ""

Vaserius: "LOL"

Rabbit: "Ive been in every hmmmm 89 days for that last 3 years"

Starchilde: "when you were just a wee little kitten"

Rabbit: "or was it 2"

Rabbit: "damn time flys"

Necrolyte White Rose: "<G>"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "LOL yeah"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "it does"

Necrolyte White Rose: "I'm still in every day"

Starchilde: "mel was only 11 was it?"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "doesn't hardly seem so long ago"

Necrolyte White Rose: (addict)

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "me too pretty much"

Starchilde: "now she is in college"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "yeah I was 11 when I started"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "21 now "

Rabbit: "now she is legal"

Necrolyte White Rose: "I just turned 21 when I started"

Starchilde: "thats how old we are"

Rabbit: ""

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "all growed up"

Rabbit: "go figure"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "lmao"

Starchilde: "you too"

Rabbit: "X is never legal"

Starchilde: "xopl was a youngun"

Kaiserfuchs: "yes"

Kaiserfuchs: "21, what an innocent age"

Guinevere: "lol I been through 2 husbands RW since I started here"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "I remember that tut head"

Necrolyte White Rose: "Rofl"

Rabbit: "yea X was a baby also"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "damn 10 prizes left "

Conversation Missing

[Entering Locale: Outside Temple of Morpheus]

[Welcome back! You are returning as a ghost.]

Rabbit: "lol"

Kaiserfuchs: "me?"

Vaserius: "It's freaky."

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "gah"

Kaiserfuchs: "I do not have fans "

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "hehe"

Kaiserfuchs: "hardly anybody remembers me "

<ESP from Starchilde: wb>

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "youd think this new laptop could handle two wa screens "

Guinevere: "I do"

Lord Xopl: "I'm never gonna survive this"

Rabbit: "afk a sec Ciara needs something"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "ppftt I do kaiser :P"

Vaserius: "Kaiserfuchs, I'm your biggest fan!"

Necrolyte White Rose: "last night when we were walking around I swear if it was possible the girls surrounding Ter would have "

Necrolyte White Rose: "stripped him bare"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "LOL"

Necrolyte White Rose: "what?"

Kaiserfuchs: "yes, the oracles are MUCH MUCH more popular"

Lord Xopl: "maybe I'll just stay down here where it is safe"

Headhunter Chief: "Oh.. nothing"

Necrolyte White Rose: "wierdo."

PuReAnGeL: "safe?"

Headhunter Chief: "Oh oh"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "wot I do now Miss J? LOL"

PuReAnGeL: "Hugggggs Mel"

Lord Xopl: "HELLO"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "Im standing here all innocent :P"

Lord Xopl: "cat of nine tails"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "hugggzzz"

Necrolyte White Rose: ""

Kaiserfuchs: "btw fox trivia resumes next week again after the pause baceuase of my move"

Kaiserfuchs: "it will be 10 years old soon too "

PuReAnGeL: "Innocent? you?"

PuReAnGeL: "*KOFF* "

Lord Xopl: "is that the controversial one from PRide?"

Necrolyte White Rose: "you are not 11 anymore Mel"

Necrolyte White Rose: "no, actually, according to Rosa Peace"

PuReAnGeL: "Yeah she was once a CHILD"

Necrolyte White Rose: "Vaz gave em out at a going away party?"

Kaiserfuchs: "yes"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "LOL"

Kaiserfuchs: "when he walked around the fountain"

Kaiserfuchs: "as far as I remember"

Necrolyte White Rose: "when Rosa left, I got all his turfs and such"

Lord Xopl: "partay"

Stue: "There was also"

Kaiserfuchs: "Uni also has ferns btw"

Rabbit: "and bar bills to WR"

Rabbit: "<G>"

Necrolyte White Rose: "YEA"

Stue: "Oops didnt mean to type that"

Kaiserfuchs: "Uni lives ferns "

PuReAnGeL: "lol"

Stue: "Echo has day glo ferns "

Necrolyte White Rose: "I got Max"

Necrolyte White Rose: "the named fern"

Necrolyte White Rose: "but Joyce is dead"

Lord Xopl: "okaaaay... gotta do something about this lag"

Kaiserfuchs: "well, this here is Gomer the Fern "

Rabbit: "the famous Gomer"

Kaiserfuchs: "also almost 10 years old "

Necrolyte White Rose: "cool! two of the 3 named ferns still exsist!"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "hehe"

Necrolyte White Rose: "Max is in my turf"

<ESP from Starchilde: dont know her>

<ESP from Starchilde: oops>

Kaiserfuchs: "but he looks good for his age, the leafs are all green and fresh "

<ESP from Starchilde: mis esp>

Rabbit: "in fact I think Gomer is so old that kaiser cant let go of it"

Necrolyte White Rose: "Rofl"

Guinevere: "lol"

Necrolyte White Rose: "wjhen we moved into our house"

Rabbit: "fussed to his hand"

<ESP from Starchilde: darnit it wasnt juicy either>

<ESP to Starchilde: classic>

Necrolyte White Rose: "I went to look at out back, and my hubby said"

Necrolyte White Rose: "What is that wiers plant thin in the corner"

Necrolyte White Rose: "I went over to look and started jumping"

Necrolyte White Rose: "WE GOT FERNS!"

Vaserius: "I would like to say that it is extremely awesome to see you all here tonight."

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "LOL"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "But"

Rabbit: "as it is to see you Vaz"

Vaserius: "I'm so glad Stue convinced me to come in for the celebration."

Kaiserfuchs: "some of us are inventory "

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "are they day glo?"

PuReAnGeL: "of course"

Necrolyte White Rose: "<nudge Stue"

Rabbit: "good on Stue"

Necrolyte White Rose: ">"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "fern-zilla"

Necrolyte White Rose: "I'm so glad I kept on buggins stue. <G>"

Kaiserfuchs: "Could Uni not be reached?"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "Vaz, it wouldn't be a proper anniversary without ya"

Necrolyte White Rose: "She is in Shri Lanka"

Rabbit: "I cant say enough about how much you Ter and Uni mean to all of us"

Rabbit: ""

Lord Xopl: "I'm really glad to see you Vaz."

Kaiserfuchs: "well, yes"

Headhunter Chief: "She's still in Sri Lanka, isn't she?"

Kaiserfuchs: "so I have heard"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "kewl"

Lord Xopl: "What can I say, I miss my Oracles."

Kaiserfuchs: "if anybody has atelephone number, I can call her"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "Yeah the original oracles were awsome ;)"

Guinevere: "for sure"

Rabbit: "Indeed X"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "Yah I do too"

Necrolyte White Rose: "I miss when oracles were mysterious"

Stue: "The best of the lot"

Vaserius: "I emailed Uni but haven't heard back."

Necrolyte White Rose: "and alittle scary"

Kaiserfuchs: "should be there now morning"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "LOL yeah white, I agree"

Necrolyte White Rose: "when they separated themselves from their RW persona"

Kaiserfuchs: "the university where she is has a webpage, Vaz"

Stue: "Yeah I bet you don't miss them crashing you whenever they entered a locale though lol"

Necrolyte White Rose: "they were not Bob from TN"

PuReAnGeL: "I do miss being lost "

Lord Xopl: "yeah... it's kinda weird having your previous everyday avatars being oracles now"

Vaserius: "LOL"

Kaiserfuchs: "maybe she can be contacted via the Colombo university"

Lord Xopl: "World Manager Jal?"

Lord Xopl: "he's just that dog from Temple Street"

Rabbit: "a different time X"

Rabbit: "evolution"

Rabbit: ""

Necrolyte White Rose: "Jal never was a regular avatar"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "LOL"

<ESP from MissJ: lol>

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "Nothin' reg'lar about Jal"

PuReAnGeL: "Never regular avatar"

Abbi Bi SeXXyy: "RW Puics of the ORacles Uni, Vaserius & Teresias from Ferret Smooch!! "

Abbi Bi SeXXyy: "http://photos.yahoo.com/bk89014"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "that ole silly puppy"

PuReAnGeL: "And he rulez"

Necrolyte White Rose: "Jal is an avatar on crack, or the Robin Williams of DS"

<ESP from MissJ: i just came back yesterday >

Kaiserfuchs: "and also pictures at"

Kaiserfuchs: "www.kymer.net/oracles.htm"

<ESP to MissJ: hugs!!!!!!!!>

PuReAnGeL: "He's good guy "

Conversation Missing

Necrolyte White Rose: "she is an amazing artist"

Lord Xopl: "is that bunny poop dribbling down your shirt?"

Lord Xopl: "oh that's hair"

PuReAnGeL: "it has a diaper"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "she is indeed"

Lord Xopl: "my mistake"

PuReAnGeL: "did you know that?"

PuReAnGeL: "see this button"

Rabbit: "the bunny does?"

Rabbit: "good thing"

PuReAnGeL: "I opened it in hole"

Rabbit: "saves bathroom runs"

Lord Xopl: "nobody wants the runs"

PuReAnGeL: "what about you?"

Lord Xopl: "holy crap I'm poor"

Rabbit: "potty humor"

PuReAnGeL: "why are you wearing halloween outfits?"

Rabbit: "just say no"

PuReAnGeL: "it's over "

Rabbit: "X has always worn that"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "no"

Lord Xopl: "I missed it this year"

Kaiserfuchs: "for late comers, there is a webcam at"

Kaiserfuchs: "http://www.vaserius.com/"

Lord Xopl: "anything good?"

Rabbit: "notice the oder in here?"

Rabbit: "<g>"

Necrolyte White Rose: "Xopl.....is not wearing a halloween costume"

Lord Xopl: "HAHA PURE"

Necrolyte White Rose: "he is the lord of pumpkins"

Lord Xopl: "HAAAAA HA!"

Kaiserfuchs: "with live footage of Vazerius and Teresias drinking beer "

PuReAnGeL: "otherwise I'll bake you as a pumpkin pie with a leg"

Headhunter Chief: "Just this, X"

Stue: "Newcastle Brown Ale!"

PuReAnGeL: "sure Miss J"

Necrolyte White Rose: "lots of it <G>"

PuReAnGeL: "heh"

Necrolyte White Rose: "edit about 10 more bottles into the pic"

Necrolyte White Rose: ""

Headhunter Chief: "Everyone has one or two"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "Yah I see the beer, where's the pizza?"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "(and you have to wear the pizza on your head)"

Kaiserfuchs: "Vazerius daughter is making it right now I think"

Lord Xopl: "Oracles!"

Lord Xopl: "Beer!"

Vaserius: "LOL"

Lord Xopl: "Amazing!"

Stue: "Just like the good old days "

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "Well you know,"

PuReAnGeL: "WHAT? Miss J? lol"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "beer just proves that Morpheus loves us and wants us to be happy"

Vaserius: "LOL"

Vaserius: "So true."

Lord Xopl: "Is Teresias in this locale?"

PuReAnGeL: "him? hahah"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "woah"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "wth LOL"

Lord Xopl: "ghosting?"

Vaserius: "No, he's off somewhere..."

Lord Xopl: "Well he can see your screen anyway"

Lord Xopl: "tell him thanks for ungluing this skull"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "He's prolly in the Fire Room"

Kaiserfuchs: "try the temple rooms "

Vaserius: "We were going to have absinthe, but decided against it. LOL"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "<vbg>"

Vaserius: "Green is my color, after all."

PuReAnGeL: "Yeah"

Guinevere: "lol Rosa"

Vaserius: "LOL Rosa"

Lord Xopl: "There used to be this bleak marble room behind one of these temple doors... Teresias summoned me in "

Lord Xopl: "there once."

Lord Xopl: "good times"

Kaiserfuchs: "absinthe is legal in the us? <g>"

Vaserius: "Absinthe is legal to own, but not to sell or import."

Necrolyte White Rose: "Ter just takes off on his own, hmph! <G>"

Kaiserfuchs: "ah"

Lord Xopl: "you get the fake stuff here"

PuReAnGeL: "woah Var and Ter on that picture?"

Vaserius: "But it's easy enough to ship. <g>"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "haha"

Vaserius: "Yeah, don't bother. Get the real stuff. Although it is pricey."

PuReAnGeL: "what are you doing with those drinkin'?"

Lord Xopl: "all that wormwood isn't good for ya"

Vaserius: "Which picture?"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "hmmth got wood in my face :P"

PuReAnGeL: "I see two beards, laptop, bunch of beers on coffeetable"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "splinters on muh towngue!! <ppfttt>"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: ""

Kaiserfuchs: "Who is Willing, btw? "

PuReAnGeL: "Which one are you?"

*Why is it when we talk to God we are praying, but when God talks to us we are put into the loony bin? *

*Haloween did not start off to be depressing and evil. Its a shame that some ppl think it is. *

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "I like the Temple pic"

Lord Xopl: "why is that pint sized bear so quiet"

Oracle Web Cam

Vaserius, with the smaller beard, sits next to Teresias. Is that Newcastle?

Vaserius: "I'm the one with the grey stripes (the smaller beard)."

Vaserius: "Behind the Vaserius doll."

Rabbit: "absinthe hmmm thought only newer stuff was available or I mean legal in Europe"

*Escaped from KHS Museum Exhibit.*

PuReAnGeL: "Oh okay!"

Vaserius: "Hang on..."

Necrolyte White Rose: "LOL"

Kaiserfuchs: "illegal in germany, in france too I think"

Necrolyte White Rose: "sorry"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "oh xopl.. going to give head now are ya? ;)"

Rabbit: "legal in spain to produce"

Lord Xopl: "HAHA"

Necrolyte White Rose: "BRB"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "k"

Lord Xopl: "that's a good gag"

Rabbit: "but I think the older stuff is semi not legal"

PuReAnGeL: "LOL MissJ not really"

MissJ: "lol"

Headhunter Chief: "You may pawn that with me, Xopl"

MissJ: ""

Vaserius: "Absinthe on the webcam..."

Vaserius: "LOL"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: (LOL Chief)

Lord Xopl: "taunt"

Lord Xopl: "taunt"

Headhunter Chief: "I've seen it before"

MissJ: "How do i put a video on the web????"

MissJ: "lol"

Rabbit: "man wish I was there or at least the Absinthe was here"

PuReAnGeL: "LOL"

Kaiserfuchs: "windows media streaming server "

Rabbit: "<g>"

PuReAnGeL: "Not me "

Vaserius: "LOL"

Lord Xopl: "it involves an extra refridgerator and some compressed gas, MissJ"

PuReAnGeL: "I refused haha"

Lord Xopl: "oh wait... that's plans for a kegerator"

Lord Xopl: "nevermind"

MissJ: "LMAO"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "rofl"

PuReAnGeL: "it's too dangerous "

Rabbit: "last time I had any was in Sydney in the 80s"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "wow and you lived to tell the tale!"

Rabbit: "and I think I was breaking the las"

Rabbit: "<g>"

MissJ: "good to see you rabbit"

MissJ: ""

Rabbit: "huggs there Miss J"

<ESP from PaperSky¨: Hugggggggggggggggggggs You>

<ESP to PaperSky¨: HUGGGSSSS>

MissJ: "yes i did pure"

MissJ: "it there"

Lord Xopl: "So I says to the guy, I says.... "

Oracle Hero: "Happy KNY "

*I am an Oracle of Morpheus, ask me for help anytime! *

Headhunter Chief: "Hero"

Oracle Hero: "Mel!"

Lord Xopl: "I'm surrounded by rabbits"

PuReAnGeL: "oh cool! MissJ"

Guinevere: "hugsss Hero"

Oracle Hero: "You're... not blue!"

PuReAnGeL: "mine too Miss J"

*This is an avatar.*

PuReAnGeL: "I should check it out!"

MissJ: "i saw "

Oracle Hero: "Huggggggs! "

PuReAnGeL: "rofl"

MissJ: "mine didnt go alphabetical though"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "Hey, Hero!"

MissJ: "wnet somewhere else"

MissJ: "lol"

PuReAnGeL: "really? wich letter?"

PuReAnGeL: "which*"

MissJ: "not by letter it went to the other section"

MissJ: "dunno why"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "LOL Xopl"

PuReAnGeL: "or do you have a link for it?"

MissJ: "LMAO"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "<kicks laptop> laaggg"

MissJ: "oh boy"

PuReAnGeL: "Gimme!!! lol"

MissJ: "lemme look"

PuReAnGeL: "kk"

MissJ: "im diggin thru old pics right now"

Lord Xopl: "Whatever happened that fellar Zorglub Ice?"

MissJ: "HAHAHAH Pure "

MissJ: "stop it"

Lord Xopl: "Nobody else seemed to want to wear this head"

Rabbit: "couldnt imagine why X"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "ooo look at that "

Lord Xopl: "why oh why don't I have any beer"

Kaiserfuchs: "what is Vaserius doing?"

PuReAnGeL: "it's better that way, X"

Kaiserfuchs: "standing aganst the wall?"

MissJ: "what a nice face to be staring at"

MissJ: "woohoo"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "mooning us"

MissJ: "LOL"

PuReAnGeL: "don't moon us!!"

MissJ: "i got pic here of rosaleah and askani"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: ":: stares at Vaz's .. errr ... too late ::"

Daisy: "Quack! "

PuReAnGeL: "Hey ducky"

Lord Xopl: "a duck"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "okay okay"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "I'm innocent I tell you"

Lord Xopl: "Quack! Quack quack-quack quack?"

Guinevere: "lol"

PuReAnGeL: "Really?"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "lol man I remember when those lil bananas were really rare"

PuReAnGeL: "Yepper"

Daisy: "Happy Quacky Kymer New Year! QuackS!!"

PuReAnGeL: "which I still have it. "

Lord Xopl: "I remember what the medium female body could do with those bananas"

Lord Xopl: "<---"

PuReAnGeL: "now it's everywhere lol"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "LOL"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "hell with those lil things"

Guinevere: "Daisy hiyas"

Headhunter Chief: "Gotta run.... nice seeing you all. Ta Ta for now....."

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "bowling pins <g>"

Vaserius: "So many esps...not trying to ignore everyone."

*Have a gorilla!*

Abbi Bi SeXXyy: "thanks "

PuReAnGeL: "Yepper"

Lord Xopl: "later"

PuReAnGeL: "and now fixed."

Kaiserfuchs: "here is a Kaiserfuchs picture from last year: pix.alysma.org/kf/kfp1.jpg"

Lord Xopl: "take care"

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "ooo thanks hehe"

Guinevere: "hugs later"

PuReAnGeL: "and they painted blue"

MissJ: "looking now ppure"

PuReAnGeL: "I was like HUH? blue? "

MissJ: "ty daisy"

PuReAnGeL: "kk on you?"

MissJ: "yes"

PuReAnGeL: "can't even open"

Daisy: "You are very welcome! Quack! "

PuReAnGeL: "please add dot on name"

Rabbit: "thank you Daisy"

Lord Xopl: "ALRIGHT"

Lord Xopl: "potato chips"

PuReAnGeL: "to make it appear, Miss J"

Daisy: "Quack Bye everybody "

Daisy: "Happy Quacky Kymer New Year! QuackS!!"

Lord Xopl: "that's halfway to beer"

Acolyte FA: "yoohoo"

Lord Xopl: "happy decade"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "huuggss Daisy"

Stue: "Sorry <g>"

Acolyte FA: "hehehe"

Stue: "Was afk"

MissJ: "where"

MissJ: "lol"

Acolyte FA: "lol"

Lord Xopl: "hell I was just a little over a decade old when I started here"

Acolyte FA: "was just checkin to see if ya got my esp"

Lord Xopl: "how has a decade gone by?!"

Rabbit: "X I appear to have 2 beers"

Acolyte FA: "huggers everyone "

Kaiserfuchs: "Happy New Year CP "

MissJ: "its under random pics"

Lord Xopl: "damnit Rabbit"

Rabbit: "both apparently open"

Lord Xopl: "quit hoarding"

PuReAnGeL: "Hurry up Miss lol"

MissJ: "wot tma??"

PuReAnGeL: "On your tma"

Acolyte FA: ""

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "Hey, share!"

MissJ: "wot"

Necrolyte White Rose: "thanks"

PuReAnGeL: "say Hello whatever"

MissJ: "im on the argo picture sight"

<ESP from Creator CopperPenny: well look what the cat dragged in>

Acolyte FA: "you're welcome "

MissJ: "wot you talking bout lol"

<ESP from Creator CopperPenny: huggs>


PuReAnGeL: "what? lol"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "Oh man"

Lord Xopl: "So..."

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "That head reminds me of ..."

Lord Xopl: "10 years"

Necrolyte White Rose: "NO"

Lord Xopl: "that makes us the oldest Virtual World right?"

MissJ: "ok"

Rabbit: "Kahoona"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "NoNoBadCat"

<ESP from Creator CopperPenny: did you see the new stuffed animal in the raffle?>

Necrolyte White Rose: "NO BAD KITTY!!!"

Rabbit: "her too"

<ESP to Creator CopperPenny: no?>

Kaiserfuchs: "yes, it is"

<ESP to Creator CopperPenny: Did you make it? =)>

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "LOL el ato"

<ESP from Creator CopperPenny: I made it!!! Its a pony >

Catolyte Marvelous Melinda: "gato"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "um .. Kitty"

Necrolyte White Rose: "ot's the minion head to go with hers"

Guinevere: "lol bad kitty"

<ESP from Creator CopperPenny: did it in old style art>

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "LOL"

Kaiserfuchs: "second oldest is Activeworlds, but only by weeks"

Vaserius: "I'm heading straight down 1 locale, gang!"

Rabbit: "always reminds me of Kahoona getting one engraved MY El Gato"

Kaiserfuchs: "or vice versa, I am not sure"

Stue: "I think we beat ActiveWorlds by a hair lol"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "lol"

[Entering Locale: North Fountain]

Lord Xopl: "keeping the party moving?"

Kaiserfuchs: "hehe"

Vaserius: "Thank you!!!"

*PuReAnGeL is now following you.*

Vaserius: "Exactly!"

PaperSky¨: "You're welcome"

Rabbit: "yeah gotta walk off the alcholo"

Rabbit: "works for me"

Lord Xopl: "Man we should hit that hot tub in the jungle"

Vaserius: "The scenery was getting old. LOL"

Kittie Kat: "huggers all"

PaperSky¨: "LOL"

Guinevere: "KK hugssssssssss"

Kittie Kat: "wow"

PuReAnGeL: "Hey KK!!!"

Kittie Kat: "so many oldies in one spot"

Lord Xopl: "newbie turn"

Lord Xopl: "haha"

Kittie Kat: "wot a great look"

Rabbit: "kk huggs there"

Lord Xopl: "hugggsss KK"

Stue: "And at the fountain too"

Guinevere: "lol I know"

Necrolyte White Rose: "<sniff>"

Kittie Kat: "heehe"

Kittie Kat: "this is so cool"

<ESP to Creator CopperPenny: I wish I could see it>

Kaiserfuchs: "wear a pullover then "

Kittie Kat: "though ONLY one green avie"

Kittie Kat: "besides MOI"

Kittie Kat: "and that is Vaz"

Guinevere: "did ya ever think you would see me in what nicos calls my "blue junk suit" again????"

Lord Xopl: "why does abbi keep following me!!!!!!"

Kaiserfuchs: "and Gomer "

Vaserius: "Yes! <g>"

PuReAnGeL: "cuz she loves you "

PuReAnGeL: "your new gf "

Lord Xopl: "sexy paint job PaperSky"

Lord Xopl: "that's old skool"

Necrolyte White Rose: "and this outfit"

Necrolyte White Rose: "yipes!"

Necrolyte White Rose: ""

PaperSky¨: "ty ty!"

PaperSky¨: "my original"

Kittie Kat: "lol Guin"

Guinevere: "nikos too"

PuReAnGeL: "original head in my pocket"

PuReAnGeL: "I should wear eh? "

Lord Xopl: "I went from the noob head straight to this melon"

Kaiserfuchs: "nobody has a hood for Vaserius? "

Vaserius: "I think PaperSky just conned me out of my stuff."

Rabbit: "I went from head straight to gopher"

Vaserius: "LOL"

Guinevere: "in his pocket he has one"

Rabbit: "then bugged the shit out of Vaz for a year"

PaperSky¨: "ROFL not"

Rabbit: "for a rabbit head"

Rabbit: "<g>"

Kaiserfuchs: "ah"

Vaserius: "LOL"

PaperSky¨: "was putting stuff in a chest for you"

Vaserius: "LOL Lag."

PaperSky¨: "look at the chest"

PaperSky¨: "it's the original token"

Vaserius: "Just kidding, PaperSKy"

Lord Xopl: "the paintable jackolanterns"

PaperSky¨: "released for the anniversy"

Lord Xopl: "that's pretty sweet that they did that"

PaperSky¨: "lol I know"

Necrolyte White Rose: "from head to uni to martian (cause star was was so trendy and new) to Teddy"

PuReAnGeL: "Yes X"

Vaserius: "Wow, thank you!"

PaperSky¨: "You're welcome"

PaperSky¨: "Welcome home!"

Guinevere: "I had a cowgirl till I gots this one"

PuReAnGeL: "isn't that kewl?"

Lord Xopl: "My orange one ID's as Xopl's Rotten Pumpkin"

Kaiserfuchs: "Fox came only as non-painteable in the beginning too"

PaperSky¨: "lol turn around newb"

Vaserius: "That's excellent."

MissJ: "it aint workin"

MissJ: "pure"

MissJ: "lol"

<ESP from Rosaleah of the Jungle: Now that's scarey! >

Necrolyte White Rose: "teddy was not piantable"

PuReAnGeL: "Because you didn't put anything on tma"

MissJ: "just go to the argo pica and you will see us"

MissJ: "hahahah"

<ESP to Rosaleah of the Jungle: hehehehehehehe>

Necrolyte White Rose: "not much was paintable <G>"

<ESP to Rosaleah of the Jungle: so good to hear from ya>

Kittie Kat: "cowgirl is a pretty head I think"

Vaserius: "Does anyone still have a Torgersen Teddy?"

Guinevere: "nope was not"

PuReAnGeL: "so that's why it won't work.. it keep vanishing right away when you place the url on it."

MissJ: "i did edit url"

Necrolyte White Rose: ""

Guinevere: "yep several"

Necrolyte White Rose: "me"

PuReAnGeL: "you have to add a message on very first top"

Kaiserfuchs: "I ertanly have one, but do not ask me where <g>"

PuReAnGeL: "the url is fine"

MissJ: "pasted the website"

Necrolyte White Rose: "I got 5 rooms of teddy bears"

Lord Xopl: "I got a baby bear"

Lord Xopl: "torgy "

PuReAnGeL: "Yes you did.. you already did..but what about the message?"

Lord Xopl: "and cub sprout"

Lord Xopl: "somewhere"

Kaiserfuchs: "and yes, the baby bear "

Lord Xopl: "or other"

Lord Xopl: "I think"

Lord Xopl: "maybe"

<ESP from Rosaleah of the Jungle: awwww ... I've missed ya!>

<ESP from Rosaleah of the Jungle: Oooo .. Torgy!>

PuReAnGeL: "same here.. I stopped collect bears last year"

Kittie Kat: "I think all of us"

PuReAnGeL: "because it's too many"

Guinevere: "and pumkin"

Necrolyte White Rose: "I am missing 1 bear. <G>"

Kaiserfuchs: "and the old furballs"

Kittie Kat: "we got more junk than we wanna know"

Kittie Kat: ""

Kaiserfuchs: "Grandfather"

Lord Xopl: "I got the old snacks too"

Guinevere: "for sure "

Lord Xopl: "I mean furries"

Kaiserfuchs: "etc."

Necrolyte White Rose: "I got the original brown fuzzie"

PuReAnGeL: "I have all of them than White rose "

Lord Xopl: "Furries... it's terrible toe at them"

Lord Xopl: "don't do that"

PuReAnGeL: "What kind of bear?"

Rabbit: "beer?"

Necrolyte White Rose: "that orange one I always forgot"

Rabbit: "oh bear"

PuReAnGeL: "LOL!"

MissJ: "k there it is now"

PuReAnGeL: "goofball"

MissJ: "LMAO"

Kittie Kat: "punkin bear"

Necrolyte White Rose: "no beer"

PuReAnGeL: "Finally, MissJ lol"

Kittie Kat: "orange beer we have in world green beer"

MissJ: "hahah"

Necrolyte White Rose: "it was really unique and rare"

PuReAnGeL: "boy lol"

Vaserius: "Torgersen Teddy was named after Mike Torgersen, the VP of Operations (my boss)"

Rabbit: "ah Tera poured me a glass of Charturess"

MissJ: "i did it backwards"

MissJ: "put url on top"

MissJ: "hahah"

PuReAnGeL: "hahahahaha!"

Kaiserfuchs: "I saw his name n the credits once"

Guinevere: "I should have put my roadshow turf of collections in the Kymer Kollection "

MissJ: "shaddup"

PuReAnGeL: "*grin*"

MissJ: "Guin "

Necrolyte White Rose: "that was a teddy bear picnic trivia question"

Necrolyte White Rose: "<G>"

MissJ: "thats dylan there too"

Lord Xopl: "Why ain't AvaTara here"

Vaserius: "Heh."

Rabbit: "I tried putting Kahoonas head in they said no"

Rabbit: ""

Lord Xopl: "whadda slacker"

Vaserius: "What else do y'all want to know?"

Lord Xopl: ""oh I'm in grad school blah blah""

Guinevere: "awwwwwwwww"

PuReAnGeL: "dunno "

MissJ: "and then there should be one of me in uniform?"

Vaserius: "The back of the tokens say "Trust Vaz". LOL"

Necrolyte White Rose: "LOL"

Kaiserfuchs: "you were the first Oracle, right?"

MissJ: "Sky "

Vaserius: "They put them in Hotel that way I think."

Kittie Kat: "X hse is prolly in school behaving or maybe NOT behaving"

PuReAnGeL: "Yep LOL"

Vaserius: "I was the first, yeah."

MissJ: "lol"

Lord Xopl: "Oracle #1"

Lord Xopl: "El Primero"

Kaiserfuchs: "hehe"

Stue: "Read the interview on the VP to find out more "

Vaserius: "Unless you count Oracle Layza in Japan"

Rabbit: "numero uno"

Kaiserfuchs: "well, I have a question..."

PuReAnGeL: "took forever to load the page"

Stue: "</shameless plug>"

Vaserius: "Good plug, Stue! LOL"

Kittie Kat: "lol"

MissJ: "sry"

MissJ: "lol"

Vaserius: "Yes?"

Kaiserfuchs: "why did Kymer leave the intended path of becoming more of a rpg?"

PuReAnGeL: "wow your son looks like you!"

MissJ: "i just burnt my apple pie"

PuReAnGeL: "hehe!"

Vaserius: "Kaiserfuchs, you son of a gun. "

Lord Xopl: "thank god it's not punkin pie"

MissJ: "no he looks like my ex Arse"

MissJ: "lmao"

PuReAnGeL: "LOL"

Vaserius: "There's no real good answer for that."

PuReAnGeL: "I would X"

Kaiserfuchs: "it just developed differently?"

Rabbit: "evolution KF"

MissJ: "I gotta make a site and post these pics"

Vaserius: "The age of Oracles ended and the age of Avatars began."

Rabbit: "demands of the population at large"

Rabbit: "<g>"

Lord Xopl: "EVILUTION"

MissJ: "of the Gatherings"

Rabbit: "that too X"

Kaiserfuchs: "yes, I still feel sad about that"

Necrolyte White Rose: "none of me LOL"

Kaiserfuchs: "but ..."

Kaiserfuchs: "that is me "

Lord Xopl: "Besides, there's no such thing in Kansas."

MissJ: "i have a few of you WR"

MissJ: "have to find them"

Vaserius: "I was sad, too. Very sad."

Vaserius: "Leaving was not easy."

<ESP from Starchilde: did the whole locale just relocate?>

PuReAnGeL: "I agree, KF"

MissJ: "Vas where are you now???"

Vaserius: "(I'll answer EPSs out loud)"

<ESP to Starchilde: yup>

<ESP to Starchilde: south one>

PuReAnGeL: "Good :D"

<ESP from Starchilde: i know i see you>

Vaserius: "Believe it or not, there were gun images in the original art files."

<ESP from Starchilde: it just looks funny the whole group followed>

Lord Xopl: "cool"

Stue: "They are still there iirc"

Stue: "The pistol was anyway"

MissJ: (OHH lemme ask him a good on in ESP)

Vaserius: "This was done before the mythology and backstory were created."

Guinevere: "had to go get my pics of all the gathering out, was sooooo much fun"

MissJ: (Guin??)

Vaserius: "The decision was made that Dreamscape was not the kind of world for guns."

Rabbit: "Guinness"

Necrolyte White Rose: "by the way, the poop had... well, it made it out, not as a head thoughL"

Necrolyte White Rose: "head"

Guinevere: "wot?"

MissJ: (you have any of Biker Steve from the gathering?)

MissJ: "the love of my life back then..lol"

Guinevere: "nope never gots to meet him"

Necrolyte White Rose: "lol"

Lord Xopl: "So can we officially put the rumor to bed that HHC was either Teresias, Vaz, or Uni? muwuhahahaha"

Guinevere: "gots Vaz and Ter with LONG LONG hair"

Rabbit: "yes X"

Kittie Kat: "lol"

MissJ: "oh wow "

Vaserius: "Yes, there was a shit head that didn't make it into the world."

Vaserius: "LOL"

MissJ: "omg lol Vas"

Vaserius: "It head gestures and everything."



MissJ: "OMGGG"

Necrolyte White Rose: "I have had conversations with him...seems like he was a kid, who grew up"

PuReAnGeL: "Yep there is"

MissJ: "to the bvoid he goes"

MissJ: "void"

MissJ: "LOL"

PuReAnGeL: "with bugs "

Rabbit: "I think piles of shit made it in later though Vaz"

<ESP from Starchilde: <screen save>>

Guinevere: "lol"

PuReAnGeL: "fly around the poop "

Rabbit: "no wait that was Werts heresys kiss"

Guinevere: "yep as an AW head"

Necrolyte White Rose: "it's in SK"

MissJ: "remember when BK wen to the void LMAO"

Vaserius: "lol"

Necrolyte White Rose: "faire locales"

PuReAnGeL: "it's old item"

Vaserius: "Where is Vaz now: Product Manager for Yahoo! Chat."

Lord Xopl: "How did you feel about the various nefarious characters causing trouble Vaz? Was it a fun social "

Lord Xopl: "experiment? Did you ever cause trouble with an alt?"

MissJ: "no i mean geographically vas"

Guinevere: "Texas will be thrilled to know Vaz"

PuReAnGeL: "Yahoo pager fan"

Vaserius: "LOl"

Stue: "Once again if you read the interview we did in the VP you'll see Vaz laying the smackdown on someone "

Vaserius: "I'm in Aptos, CA, which is south of Santa Cruz, which is south of San Francisco."

Vaserius: "You go Stue!"

Lord Xopl: "plug plug plugity plug"

Rabbit: "he ported me to the void once"

MissJ: "which is 200 miles east of me damnit"

Rabbit: "or was that Ter?"

MissJ: "i mean west "

MissJ: "lmao"

MissJ: "damnit"

PuReAnGeL: "LOL"

Lord Xopl: "somebody sent me to the void when I complained I'd never been there"

Guinevere: "rofl"

Lord Xopl: "sounds like a Teresias thing to do"

Necrolyte White Rose: "I got to go to SanJose when I was in CA 2 years ago. we got ti visit the Winchest Mystery "

Rabbit: "was that me X?"

Vaserius: (Trying to keep up...)

Necrolyte White Rose: "House"

Stue: "Yeah they are boring now they don't do that anymore"

MissJ: "LOL X"

Lord Xopl: "hmmmmm"

Guinevere: "I remember Sunray Love going"

Lord Xopl: "sounds more of a rabbit thing to do"


Lord Xopl: "yer right"

Necrolyte White Rose: "was there ever a plan to build something in here like that??"

Guinevere: "oh not Love"

MissJ: "she used to say"

Rabbit: "lol"

Lord Xopl: "it prolly was you"

Vaserius: "I wouldn't say we loved the trouble makers, but it was fun, kind of."

Guinevere: "Ann went"

Vaserius: "It made the world interesting."

Vaserius: "And if it wasn't for HHC, we wouldn't have had Charles Faulter and the Void."

PuReAnGeL: "I don't lol"

MissJ: "we almost got thrown out of the hotel when love used to scream that"

Vaserius: "Read all about it in Stue's Interview!"

Rabbit: "I think so too Vaz it gave MarvL things to do also"

Kaiserfuchs: "Void "

Rabbit: "<eg>"

MissJ: "where is she now??"

Stue: "LOL"

Lord Xopl: "Did you guys have any idea how complex and real the economy would be?"

Vaserius: "LOL"

Guinevere: "aww Rosa I miss Love too"

Vaserius: "Re: Winchester Mystery House"

Guinevere: "Pops said she got remarried"

Lord Xopl: "holy smokes"

Vaserius: "Before we opened, Teresias and I went to Winchester Mystery House to learn about giving tours."

Lord Xopl: "where'd all this snow come from"

MissJ: "did wewho was it that stole the ATM?"

Lord Xopl: "it's like winter outside"

Necrolyte White Rose: "How COOL"

Kaiserfuchs: "there is an article on economy by Vaserius Godfather I think"

Vaserius: "If anyone remembers, one of the first things we did was give tours, and we learned how there."

Kaiserfuchs: "in which he wrote about thoughts on economy"

Rabbit: "the thing that amazed me is you seldom if ever saw Vaz Ter or Uni loose their temper in public"

Lord Xopl: "what a house to learn how to tour in"

Vaserius: "We tried, Lag. LOL"

Lord Xopl: "I bet they were swearing like sailors out loud though"

Rabbit: "they stayed in the characte"

Rabbit: "always"

Rabbit: ""

Lord Xopl: "they just vented all that angry in WW"

Vaserius: "We just blew up in our cubes."

Lord Xopl: "SEE!"

Vaserius: "Good thing it wasn't voice chat. LOL"

Lord Xopl: "SEE!"

Necrolyte White Rose: "LOL"

MissJ: "lol"

Vaserius: "LOL"

Rabbit: "lol"

Necrolyte White Rose: "BLLLLLlllEEEEEEEEEEEEP"

MissJ: "we would hear more then chit"

<ESP from Starchilde: I wonder whatever happened to Ziggy Stardust?>

Kaiserfuchs: "yes, imagine a room with cubes"

Kaiserfuchs: "and guns in each cube"

MissJ: "and fug as we used to call it here and not get in trubble"

<ESP from Starchilde: lookin at yer list>

<ESP to Starchilde: gosh I don't know>

Kaiserfuchs: "and from time to time, flying objects came down"

Rabbit: "the cave up in northern Ca"

Lord Xopl: "I heard from fuggly recently"

Lord Xopl: "he's well"

Rabbit: "in Fujitsu building was there once to visit Echo"

Kaiserfuchs: "those guns with which you can shoot paper balls"

Vaserius: "The Cave. Hehe."

MissJ: "what about piemur ?? anyone hear from him??"

Lord Xopl: "nope"

PuReAnGeL: "He's still here"

Kaiserfuchs: "and suddenly, the whole room emerged into a battlefield with everybody shooting"

Necrolyte White Rose: "yes!"

PuReAnGeL: "he was lickin' in my ear"

MissJ: "lol pure"

Necrolyte White Rose: "piemur/phrog is around"

Vaserius: "We put in two different pawn machines."

MissJ: "and you let him?"

PuReAnGeL: "with his slime tongue "

MissJ: "lol"

PuReAnGeL: "of course "

Vaserius: "One gave a worse return rate, so Piemer created an image of him hauling it off in a truck."

Vaserius: "That was great."

Guinevere: "lol"

MissJ: "lol Vas"

Lord Xopl: "Could you guys run queries on the database... and see if certain items' counts had gone up... or the # of "

Lord Xopl: "tokens inworld from day to day?"

PuReAnGeL: "wow 11 ghosts"

Rabbit: "the one at the Vaz mart gave the best rate"

Rabbit: "trust vaz"

Rabbit: "<g>"

Lord Xopl: "Ever come into work to find a big chunk of new tokens in somebody's pocket?"

MissJ: "who was it that stole the atm back then??"

Necrolyte White Rose: "Wert and BTGH"

Kaiserfuchs: "wert"

Lord Xopl: "somebody say... running a 110% pawning scheme all night long"

Necrolyte White Rose: "both of them"

Kaiserfuchs: "he put it in his turf <g>"

Vaserius: "We could use fiddle (staffs) to look at everything."

Guinevere: "wert did"

Rabbit: "Wert and he had it in his turf until he left"

PuReAnGeL: "BTGH is good buddy of mine"

Vaserius: "If we wanted to crawl the database, we had to ask an engineer."

Lord Xopl: "good ole Bill and Wert"

Vaserius: "I always asked Surfdog (John Onusko) or Jeff Crilly."

PuReAnGeL: "Wert was very funny"

Kaiserfuchs: "wert also abducted the manager of the turfs once"

PuReAnGeL: "I never stop laughing at his crazy comments"

Guinevere: "wert is a hoot RW too"

Lord Xopl: "yeah"

PuReAnGeL: "I swear he could be stand up comedy"

Lord Xopl: "he was walking around town holding the manager"

MissJ: "LMAO"

Lord Xopl: "everybody freaked out... how can we pay rent"

PuReAnGeL: "I would laugh my ass off"

Vaserius: "Until Teresias made the tools, he reminds me."

Kaiserfuchs: "and relocated him into the meditation park "

Rabbit: "man did I catch shit when I made him an Aco"

Vaserius: "LOL"

Rabbit: ""

Guinevere: "lol"

PuReAnGeL: "where is he now??????"

PuReAnGeL: "anyone of you still in touch with him?"

Rabbit: "no idea"

Stue: "What tools were those?"

PuReAnGeL: "darn"

MissJ: "where is Zippy now????"

Guinevere: "have not heard from him in a long time, but still lives close to me "

PuReAnGeL: "Ziggy you mean?"

Vaserius: "Teresias will have to talk about that."

Vaserius: "He waited until I left to make decent toools."

MissJ: "no Acolyte Zippy"

Necrolyte White Rose: "BTW, someone was asking about VIQer"

PuReAnGeL: "oh okay other one"

Kaiserfuchs: "haha"

Necrolyte White Rose: "a relative of his is IW"

MissJ: "i was trying to find his web site earlier "

Lord Xopl: "VIQer!"

Necrolyte White Rose: "I'll tell you in ESP"

Lord Xopl: "BLD Stalker!"

Lord Xopl: "CC Lynx!"

Kaiserfuchs: "maybe teresias bought them from Wert "

MissJ: "Sparhawk!"

Stue: "Can we have a ghoster for Teresias?"

Necrolyte White Rose: "where is he?"

Stue: "Upstairs"

MissJ: "who WR?"

Stue: "Thank you!"

Necrolyte White Rose: "t"

Lord Xopl: "uh"

Stue: "Hm"

<ESP from Starchilde: omg Happy little trees>

Stue: "The locales still full"

Kaiserfuchs: "call and oracale and have them enlarge the locale "

Stue: "Anyone else wanna volunteer? lol"

PuReAnGeL: "puppy is sleeping"

PuReAnGeL: "we should page an aco"

PuReAnGeL: "to ghost him"

<ESP from Starchilde: LOL i forgot all about that name>

Kaiserfuchs: "call an oracle even"

Stue: "Could ddo"

Stue: "-d"

Guinevere: "the dog is parked have him ghosted"

PuReAnGeL: "want me to ?"

Oracle Web Cam

A new camera angle on the Oracles, logged in together on their laptops.

Vaserius: (New angle on webcam, via request)

Kittie Kat: "I do"

Kaiserfuchs: "upskirt now?"

Lord Xopl: "somebody put the smack down"

PuReAnGeL: "well"

Kittie Kat: "see you all laters"

Rabbit: "actually Vaz I have a question for you"

PuReAnGeL: "I can leave"

Kittie Kat: "ahve fun"

PuReAnGeL: "and let him come down"

Kittie Kat: "and glad you came"

Kittie Kat: "for a visit"

Guinevere: "hugssssssssssssss KK"

Kittie Kat: "huggers"

Vaserius: (Did I miss any questions?)

Lord Xopl: "HUGS"

MissJ: "checkin out cam"

Rabbit: "You and Ter often reffered to the DS as an experiment"

Stue: "I don't think you did"

Stue: "Try now Ter"

Conversation Missing

Daisy: "Quack! "

Rabbit: "hehe"

MissJ: "not the angle we want Vas"

MissJ: "LOL"

Teresias: "We had lots of ideas."

Kaiserfuchs: "now when we talk history, only 15 are gathering "

Vaserius: "We just pretended like we knew what was going on."

<ESP from Starchilde: awww moochas I miss her>

Vaserius: "LOL"

Vaserius: "Thanks a lot. <g>"

Teresias: "But it's true."

Rabbit: "has its evolution and long life surprised either of you?"

PuReAnGeL: "lol"

Guinevere: "I remember telling you I wanted a barefoot avi"

<ESP to Starchilde: me too!>

<ESP from Starchilde: Sly and Ziggy wonder where they are today?>

Teresias: "I admit the long life supriesed me..."

Vaserius: "LOL"

MissJ: "lol"

<ESP to Starchilde: so many names>

MissJ: "to get rif of the Kmarket shoes"

<ESP from Starchilde: i know>

MissJ: "i remember that"

<ESP from Starchilde: this list is great>

MissJ: "LMAO"

Guinevere: "yep"

Teresias: "because there were moments when we were almost shutdown by Fujitsu."

Vaserius: "The fact that it survived all the biz stuff surprised me."

PuReAnGeL: "Yes"

Vaserius: "Yep, what Teresias said."

PuReAnGeL: "most of the games usally shutdown around 1 year to maybe 5 years"

Lord Xopl: "10 years"

Lord Xopl: "this is crazy"

PuReAnGeL: "here ..10 years!"

Rabbit: "it is amazing isnt it?"

Vaserius: "And, be sure to read Stue's interview. <g>"

Lord Xopl: "I mean... nothing else like this has lasted 10 years"

Kaiserfuchs: "but it has now also turned into some marketplace"

Guinevere: "awesome it is"

Vaserius: (I got yer back, Stue.)

Stue: "<VBG>"

Kaiserfuchs: "it is nt what it used to be"

PuReAnGeL: "this is very old... and fragile "

Necrolyte White Rose: "What do you think it was that safed us? the people? luck? someone upstairs who knew what they were "

Necrolyte White Rose: "doing?"

Teresias: "I also think that the expansion of the staff and allowing more input from people in making stories, objects "

Teresias: "and such..."

Vaserius: "The people, no question."

Guinevere: "yep"

Lord Xopl: "I saved it single handedly with my pumpkin power"

Teresias: "has contrinuted a lot to the lofe here."

Lord Xopl: "true story"

Teresias: "life...."

Guinevere: "lol"

PuReAnGeL: "No offense, I prefer the original items more than new arts."

<ESP from Starchilde: photon!!! LOL>

<ESP from Rosaleah of the Jungle: LOLOL>

Rabbit: "from my limited prespective Id have to agree the people"

Vaserius: "I can't answer ESPs if you have them turned off."

Kaiserfuchs: "was it the broad acceptance of the internet that changed the original Kymer?"

Vaserius: "<g>"

<ESP from Starchilde: Princess Di and Aquirre wow>

MissJ: "you mean using newbie heads for beds< X?"

Necrolyte White Rose: ""

Teresias: "I'm not offended. But I think we were limiting a lot of what we had."

MissJ: "i kinda liked that too"

MissJ: "LOL"

PuReAnGeL: "LOL I use sack"

Vaserius: "LOL Xopl."

PuReAnGeL: "still today"

Teresias: "I think it was the 'end' of the subscription model that did it."

Kaiserfuchs: "and chests as the hot tub"

PuReAnGeL: "I use bricks :P"

Vaserius: "There was one thing that disturbed me in all the transitions."

MissJ: "i used bricks too"

PuReAnGeL: "or blocks"

Rabbit: "and in world documents"

Teresias: "Being able to have a rich MMORPG for $10/month added a lot of pressure."

Lord Xopl: "I have to say, what killed the world was the pricing model when it went to the web."

Lord Xopl: "not to hit a sore spot"

Guinevere: "hot chocolate for steam"

Rabbit: "damn sorry was channeling the ghost of MarvL"

PuReAnGeL: "depend how the layout goes with."

Rabbit: "scary"

PuReAnGeL: "EW"

Vaserius: "When Dreamscape went web, they charged $20 for Dreamscape and $10 for the other worlds."

Necrolyte White Rose: "EEP"

PuReAnGeL: "change it, Bunnyboy "

Kaiserfuchs: "are you more a role player or a programmer, Teresias?"

Necrolyte White Rose: "do not talk about the paint can polling proceedures"

Vaserius: "I thought they were taking advantage of the Dreamscape people because they knew they would pay it."

Lord Xopl: "When it went web initally it was still per hour... and everybody left"

Teresias: "Little of both. I have an Engineering degree, but I haven't used it at all in 15 years."

Vaserius: "That's really the only thing I thought was "WRONG"."

Lord Xopl: "that sucked"

Teresias: "Why do you think I made TOny stand in front of them all to announce it."

Vaserius: "Right, Xopl. I meant flat rate."

Lord Xopl: "what was that... 97? 98? I'd come in and get the "Everyone is somewhere" message"

Vaserius: "It was after I left."

Kaiserfuchs: "IMO, the old Kymer broke when RW money was introduced into the economy"

Kaiserfuchs: "of course, we shuld not forget that there were quite some licensing costs to pay"

Necrolyte White Rose: "it became item and collection based"

Kaiserfuchs: "and still are"

Lord Xopl: "I'm just happy it pulled through"

Kaiserfuchs: "I applied for a license many years ago"

Teresias: "Wasn't it heavily item and collection based?"

Vaserius: "I'm not against using RW money, but the impact on the economy was not well understood."

Lord Xopl: "I wish there had been more of an effort to keep ties when people had left"

Necrolyte White Rose: "before AW"

Lord Xopl: "It's a shame that people just got up and disappeared"

Teresias: "I know I had a lot of pressure to keep introducing new unique items."

Kaiserfuchs: "and it was sort of lunatc what the license did cost"

MissJ: "I agre Xopl"

Necrolyte White Rose: "there was not much to collect"

Necrolyte White Rose: "how many red steamer chests could you have?"

MissJ: "I actually keep in touch with only 3"

MissJ: "Ritz, Honey, and Betha"

WA Screenshot

Hanging out at the North Fountain.

Left to Right: Lord Xopl, Kaiserfuchs, PuReAnGeL, PaperSky®, Daisy, Vaserius, Rabbit, Stue, Necrolyte White Rose, Guinevere, Mondkind

Vaserius: "Rosaleah come down!"

Vaserius: "Sorry, I can't, Rosa."

Teresias: "Yeah, Fujistu sunk a LOT of money in this."

Kaiserfuchs: "what I think was cut off was the mystic conduct at one time"

Teresias: "And they were always hot to recoup."

*Daisy, Teresias, MissJ, PuReAnGeL, Kaiserfuchs, Guinevere, Rabbit, Lord Xopl, Necrolyte White Rose, Stue, *

*Vaserius, PaperSky¨, Mondkind, and 14 ghosts.*

Kaiserfuchs: "but Fujitus, so I heard, said..."

Kaiserfuchs: "hey, it runs fine without oracles in Korea and makes a lot of money with a few locales"

Vaserius: "Rosaleah, come down!"

Vaserius: "I summon you!"

Kaiserfuchs: "so, why shall we have all that in WA"

MissJ: "ut oh"

Guinevere: "Rosa"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "see ya still got the powah"

PuReAnGeL: "wb Hugggs"

MissJ: "huggs rosa"

Necrolyte White Rose: "Rosa!"

Teresias: "OKay, there's two things there..."

Vaserius: "LOL"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "thankees daisy"

Daisy: "You are very welcome, Rosaleah! Quacks! "

Rabbit: "ruggs and persian carpets Rosie"

Teresias: "In my opinion, Fujitsu backed out because they felt the DS was not recouping costs and they wanted to "

Teresias: "persue licensing."

Lord Xopl: "$$$"

Necrolyte White Rose: "ohh"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "Rabbit, you always were strange <g>"

Rabbit: "<g>"

MissJ: "lol rosa"

Teresias: "When licensing turned out to be a dead end, I think DA worked them for a deal."

Lord Xopl: "It seems like this was a strange endeavor for Fujitsu in the first place"

MissJ: "Id have to say Piemur got rabbit beat , Rosa"

MissJ: "LOL"

Teresias: "Well, they are a large company...."

Kaiserfuchs: "Wasn't he called in rather from other F. operations?"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "Piemur is in a world all his own <g>"

Vaserius: "It was very strange for Fujitsu."

MissJ: "LOl yes i agree there too"

Teresias: "and they saw different groups as a way to keep innovating."

Vaserius: "But they believed in it."

Vaserius: "Exactly, Teresias."

Lord Xopl: "well somebody must have done something right"

Lord Xopl: "here we are 10 years later"

Vaserius: "They wanted to be at the forefront of the space."

MissJ: "a name just popped in my head"

Teresias: "They had a 3d group and they developed Fin-Fin the flying dolphin."

MissJ: "Fantasia still here??"

Kaiserfuchs: "yup"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "Well I think .. if I may boldly say ..."

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "the one who got it right in the first place"

Lord Xopl: "fin fin? we're best buddies!"

<ESP from PaperSky¨: Very cool to see you again >

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "was Randy"

<ESP to PaperSky¨: you too>

<ESP to PaperSky¨: HUGGGSSS>

<ESP from PaperSky¨: HUGE HUGS!>

Vaserius: "You hit the nail on the head, Rosaleah."

Kaiserfuchs: "wasnt there also some difference between Fujitsu Japan and FSC?"

Vaserius: "I learned so much from him. No question."

Lord Xopl: "Randy Travis the famous country singer?"

Vaserius: "LOL"

MissJ: "lol X"

Teresias: "Oh yeah, Xopl."

Rabbit: "so has anyone heard anything from Echo in the last years?"

Kaiserfuchs: "in terms of a different approach and problems in understanding?"

<ESP from PaperSky¨: ROFL Randy Famer lololol>

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "Oh sure, Xopl"

Teresias: "Like having former engineers as their part time Oracles?"

PuReAnGeL: "nope"

Vaserius: "In terms of how to build and manage an online community."

PuReAnGeL: "welps, I'd better going"

Lord Xopl: "And you guys thought you didn't miss me!!!!"

Vaserius: "He had done it before, and I hadn't."

PuReAnGeL: "time for me to deco a turf ;)"

PuReAnGeL: "take care and great to see you all"

Teresias: "Sorry, there was a bitter exchange about being compared to housewives at one point....."

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "He thought it through very deeply"

MissJ: "huggs pure"

Necrolyte White Rose: ""

Lord Xopl: "hugs pure"

PuReAnGeL: "Au revoir!"

Necrolyte White Rose: "hugs"

PuReAnGeL: "big warm hugs xoxoxo all"

Vaserius: "So long! "

Kaiserfuchs: "housewives?"

Teresias: "A whole lot of misunderstanding...."

Rosaleah of the Jungle: (housewives???)

Vaserius: "BRB AFK"

Lord Xopl: "It seems like somebody didn't quite get the cash in = cash out or bad model right"

Lord Xopl: "hehehe"

MissJ: "nice arse"

Teresias: "Quote: why do we need three full time orcales when I have part time housewives doing it in Japan?"

Daisy: "Quack! "

MissJ: "wellhe said shit"

MissJ: "so"

Kaiserfuchs: "I still sense some disappointment"


Necrolyte White Rose: "ohh maaan"

MissJ: "LMAO"

Lord Xopl: "Well we have the parttime housewives now"

Kaiserfuchs: "which I also did with Uni, btw "

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "good grief"

Lord Xopl: "and no offense... I am not in enough to say what kind of job they are doing... but I sure liked the full time "

Lord Xopl: "oracles"

Rabbit: "Echo did have a way of ummmm pissing people off"

Teresias: "Well, it's just there was some crazy stuff."

Necrolyte White Rose: "oh? what did Echo do?"

Lord Xopl: "Echo... that was just unfortunate"

Kaiserfuchs: "Echo was a worcaholic though"

<ESP from Starchilde: well i gotta run it was great seeing you huggggss>

Teresias: "When people make business decisions about something you have gotten emotionally involved with..."

Lord Xopl: "I think he was treated as the bad guy"

Lord Xopl: "because he came in when the oracles left"

Necrolyte White Rose: "I did not have any interaction with him"

Rabbit: "I think the housewife quote was his"

<ESP to Starchilde: you too!>

Kaiserfuchs: "he was a very good man, maybe not the best to communicate though"

Rabbit: "unless Im really mistaken"


Teresias: "(Sorry, not referring to BE)"

<ESP from Starchilde: dont be a stranger>

Teresias: "NO, it wasn't"

Rabbit: "k"

<ESP to Starchilde: I'll try not>

Kaiserfuchs: "I met him personally and he was impressive"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "I would not have thought so"

Teresias: "It was a mucky-muck much higher up..."

Rabbit: "Ignore me I can never follow a conversation"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "I much admired Echo actually"

Rabbit: "I got along with him well"

Kaiserfuchs: "Why did you never team up to make another virtual world?"

Rabbit: "cuz I I can piss peolpe off also"

Rabbit: "<g>"

Kaiserfuchs: "Lack of enthusiasm, or the need to earn money?"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "now that would need quite a team"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "and quite the pile of RW tokens"

Lord Xopl: "haha"

Lord Xopl: "RW tokens"

Rabbit: "but that transition came when Echo entered in didnt Ter?"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "I would imagine"

Oracle Web Cam

Teresias sporting a magnificent beard.

Lord Xopl: "Nice beard dude"

Lord Xopl: "wow"

Kaiserfuchs: "not really"

Lord Xopl: "you can see it in all it's glory now"

Teresias: "I think we all spun off at different times."

Lord Xopl: "is that whiskey?!"

Rabbit: "with Fujitsu wanting to limit output of money?"

Kaiserfuchs: "the financial part is overestimated realy"

Teresias: "PLus, we didn't have the engineering know-how."

Necrolyte White Rose: "only interaction I ever had was he told me there was a paintable teddy head and wanted to know if I was "

Necrolyte White Rose: "planning on doing more...really got me excited about doing them, when I no experience in it. He gave me "

Necrolyte White Rose: "two strong level headed people to show me what"

Necrolyte White Rose: "to do"

Teresias: "Technically, is absinthe"

MissJ: (glad i never got into the politics of the world)

Lord Xopl: "nice"

Necrolyte White Rose: "(teddy bear picnics)"

Rabbit: "absinthe again"

Rabbit: "<g>"

Vaserius: "We did team up to make another world."

Teresias: "Oh, there' s a lot we tried not to let get into the world."

Rabbit: "how the hell did hemmingway get into this?"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "hey pass around that absinthe"

Teresias: "Well, Vaz and I did...."

Lord Xopl: "How did you Oracle folk get your news regarding inworld happenings... there were some pretty intense "

Lord Xopl: "meetings between Duckolytes and Sunrays and whatnot"

Lord Xopl: "behind closed doors"

Vaserius: "I went to Electric Communities with Randy to build the next version of this stuff."

Vaserius: "I took Teresias with me.l"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "That never really got off the ground, did it?"

Teresias: "Yeah. It was much more fun thant uhm being 'there'....."

Vaserius: "That was Microcosm. Randy presented it at that first gathering."

Vaserius: "LOL"

Guinevere: "I remember"

Vaserius: "But it didn't fly, so we ended up running The Palace."

Teresias: "By the time I showed up it was being webified."

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "ooooo ... I remember the Palace"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "Is it still around??"

Teresias: "I think part of it is still running on cartoon network."

Kaiserfuchs: "wasnt it very commercial too?"

MissJ: "the Palace..wow"

Teresias: "As collectable cards."

Teresias: "The palace?"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "LOL"

MissJ: "lots went to the Realm too from here"

Teresias: "Some of it was."

Kaiserfuchs: "no, the other one"

Lord Xopl: "Wert was a big Realm fan"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "There were aspects of the Palace that I liked"

Teresias: "I was working on commercial palaces."

Kaiserfuchs: "It was the time when I looked where I could engage myelf into"

Teresias: "CBS and some teen sites."

Vaserius: "Heh, the realm. I liked that."

Vaserius: "They went through the same things we had to learn."

Kaiserfuchs: "and I think I can remember it was too comercial for me"

MissJ: "Realm was too freaky for me"

MissJ: "lol"

Teresias: "Then there was the WWF Palace that was outta control."

Lord Xopl: "WWF?"

Kaiserfuchs: "no, I mean the other project, not Palace"

Vaserius: "Wresting, Palace, yeay."

MissJ: "potions and chit, every time i turned around was getting hit with somwthing"

MissJ: "lol"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "rofl"

Teresias: "I remember Vaz and I both tried to get jobs at the realm once."

Vaserius: "Can you smell what the Rock is cookin'?"

Lord Xopl: "HAHAHAHA"

Vaserius: "Oh man, I totally forgot about that!"

Teresias: "Yeah. The realm looked really good."

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "blanked it outta your mind, didja?"

Vaserius: "Yeah, must have."

MissJ: "realm is still running??"

Rabbit: "I liked the Realm in beta"

Vaserius: "They had scalable avatars. Wooooooaaahhhh/"

Teresias: "I dunno."

Vaserius: "I couldn't find The Realm a few years after it started."

Vaserius: "Teresias found it!"

MissJ: "I think you can but it and play no??"

MissJ: "dat how that works?"

MissJ: "im not puter junkie so not sure"

MissJ: "lol"

Lord Xopl: "How did you guys keep up with the culture in this place... when so much was happening between so many "

Lord Xopl: "groups of people... people organising themselves.. etc"

Teresias: "Just googled the realm"

Teresias: "http://www.realmserver.com/"

Teresias: "Yup! It's still running."

Vaserius: "Dreamscape was our lives. We just knew everything."

Teresias: "Looks like it's having the same niche revival DS has."

Vaserius: "But it started to get too big, so we hired Uni, then Echo."

Lord Xopl: "so were you inworld 8 hours a day"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "Hey they lived here"

Lord Xopl: "at work?"

Teresias: "I think we didn't keep up."

Vaserius: "When we launched, we were in world 24/7 it seemed."

Teresias: "Not really."

Lord Xopl: "I mean... now do you have your hand on the pulse when there's so many things going on"

Vaserius: "Teresias slept in his cube more than once."

Lord Xopl: "how do you* rather"

Teresias: "At our high point there were 15000+ people signed up."

MissJ: "wow"

Conversation Missing

Vaserius: "(Yes, the Oracles didn't scale)"

Kaiserfuchs: "there must be many old-time internetters who are not anymore on the hunt for the holy money?"

Lord Xopl: "it used to be a different demographic... smart, early adopters of the internet"

Teresias: "I think we are seeing such environments. They just show up in different places."

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "( Needed to clone yourselves )"

Lord Xopl: "now every punk has a connection"

MissJ: "I know some went to There.com too"

Necrolyte White Rose: "Best Memory for both of you. something that warms your heart or something you will never forget."

Teresias: "StarWars Galaxies, habbo hotel"

Kaiserfuchs: "I agree, but..."

Vaserius: "Heh, even I went to there.com."

Teresias: "And 2nd Life is really taking off."

Vaserius: "LOL"

MissJ: "LOL"

Kaiserfuchs: "who says that it must be a commercial success?"

Vaserius: "So did Teresias for a bit."

Lord Xopl: "2nd life is really getting lots of indi press"

Teresias: "Actually, they don't and there are more people saying so."

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "the folks who put up the money, Kaiser"

MissJ: "i left twice , came back here "

Lord Xopl: "My computer wasn't fast enough for There really..."

Kaiserfuchs: "second life is technically at least 3 years behind a stabile state"

Lord Xopl: "but that beta was fun"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "they like to make money on their money"

Kaiserfuchs: "and I am not sure they will make it these 3 years"

Lord Xopl: "the first time I ran and jumped off a huge cliff.... that was NUTS"

Teresias: "I know the guy who bouth Meridian59 from 3do and is having great success as a small world"

Vaserius: "Yeah, he's updated the graphics engine and it looks pretty good now."

Lord Xopl: "Jetpaks in There... also fun in beta"

Kaiserfuchs: "yes, I think what I would favour is something that brings in the costs of operation"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "well you know maybe that's part of it ..."

Teresias: "I admire a lot of what 2ndlife has done."

Vaserius: "I like There a lot."

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "that there's a point at which a community becomes too big"

Vaserius: "It was really Dreamscape 3.0"

Teresias: "Mainly the copyright thing where people get to keep their copyrights."

MissJ: "i never got to there, probs with puter"

MissJ: "it looks fun too"

Vaserius: "Even in the code, they referenced the "Acolyte Bit"."

Vaserius: "Heh."

Lord Xopl: "nice"

Teresias: "YEah. I did push them that direction when I contracted for them."

Teresias: "For there...."

Vaserius: "There had horrible min sys requirements."

Kaiserfuchs: "Second Life took a turn into commerce"

Vaserius: "They're better now, a little."

Teresias: "I got one producers kids hooked on DS>"

Kaiserfuchs: "even though their outspoken commitment to open source"

MissJ: "iOK illl say it"

MissJ: "LMAO"

MissJ: "that seducity is whacked"

MissJ: "LMAO"

Teresias: "He would complain every time I came in ..."

Vaserius: "LOL, that's right."

Vaserius: "The VP of Fun's kids."

Lord Xopl: "Ever play some of these simple 3D platform games... like mario or zelda for Nintendo 64.... where you can "

Lord Xopl: "run around and hot and dive and swim"

Teresias: "My kids are spending more time in DS than outside."

Vaserius: "Seducity."

Lord Xopl: "why don't virtual worlds capture that"

Teresias: "I'd just say, yeah...."

Kaiserfuchs: "but there is one that really acts consequent"

Teresias: "Don't you want them to do that in THere?"

Teresias: "LOL"

Vaserius: "Where 99% of the customers are men, and the other 1% are lying."

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "LOL"

Kaiserfuchs: "what is the name of the virtual world"

MissJ: "LOL VAs"

Guinevere: "lol oh my"

Kaiserfuchs: "that just sold a land plot for 100,000 ?"

MissJ: "i was like wtf??????"

Teresias: "I just find seducity funny."

Vaserius: "Sims online tried to capture that."

MissJ: "it is funny"

Stue: "Entropia or something wasnt it?"

Rabbit: "wasnt that CIS CB where the men are men and so are most of the women?"

Kaiserfuchs: "yes"

Necrolyte White Rose: "LOL"

Vaserius: "And, as Chip Morningstar aptly stated: The took the Sims out of the Sims."

Kaiserfuchs: "project entropia from Sweden"

MissJ: "LMAO"

Teresias: "Yeah. I think it was a spacestation in entropia."

Daisy: "Vaserius & Teresias. Any plans on building a duck pond? We left a whole world of friends on our island of "

Daisy: "Quaintus! Quack!"

Lord Xopl: "crazy crazy"

MissJ: "i joined there when it first started to check it out"

Lord Xopl: "that guy is gonna run the place like a club"

Vaserius: "Puzzle Pirates is supposed to capture that feeling, though."

Kaiserfuchs: "the only that really say what is going on"

Lord Xopl: "he plans on spending the money on fulltime PR people and everything"

Vaserius: "That was 5 guys building it."

Kaiserfuchs: "read their website and yo get the idea <g>"

Teresias: "I still haven't gotten in PP."

MissJ: "i told someone i came from DS"

MissJ: "they asked who are u there"

Teresias: " Of course, they would say the success of the DS is that we have HATS"

MissJ: "No no no no "

Necrolyte White Rose: "hats?"

MissJ: "LOL"

Rabbit: "Puzzle Pirates is part or related to neopets isnt it?"

Conversation Missing

MissJ: "lol, big bottles of booze in the webcam now"

Kaiserfuchs: "I find it plain silly to hear and see, when I want that I go into a local pub <g>"

MissJ: "you guys must be feeeling pretty good by now"

Lord Xopl: "I haven't been in There since beta cause my computer was too slow"

Rabbit: "bif full bottles"

Lord Xopl: "sounds like there were some improvements"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "I stopped lookin' at the webcam cuz all I saw was bottles of booze"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "<g>"

MissJ: "lol"

Teresias: "Yeah, they were betting on hardware catching up to them."

Kaiserfuchs: "there busted not long ago, but then got new "investorts""

Kaiserfuchs: "I am not sure if they will make it in the medium run though"

Vaserius: "Well, kind of."

Lord Xopl: "I ran into Daxx there I remember"

Teresias: "Don't do it Vaz!"

Lord Xopl: "there in There hehe"

Teresias: "Remember what the doctor said!"

Vaserius: "They suspended all work on the consumer service and focused on Military dev."

Lord Xopl: "you punks and your clever names for things"

Teresias: "Calm..."

Teresias: "Breathe..."

Teresias: "1...2...3..."

Kaiserfuchs: "and anyway, there is only a showcase for their technical platform I think"

Vaserius: "Now they're trying to revamp the consumers service."

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "Vaz, behave!"

Vaserius: "ARGH!"

Vaserius: "Thanks Teresias."

Vaserius: "Phew"

Kaiserfuchs: "didnt they want to go to produce mainly the technical platform..."

Kaiserfuchs: "and then license out worlds?"

Lord Xopl: "somebody needs to make a virtual world that is as interactive as a 3D platform video game"

Lord Xopl: "that also has a non-awkward chat"

Teresias: "Sounds familiar, eh?"

Guinevere: "lol"

Lord Xopl: "hell I think you should even move with a video game controller"

Lord Xopl: "instead of a mouse"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "uh yeah it does"

Teresias: "Heheh..."

Vaserius: "Yes, There went for the platform play and failed."

Lord Xopl: "if you get that done I'm totally in"

Teresias: "You mean like in the original Habitat? "

Vaserius: "The CEO used to say, "We're building AT&T.""

Vaserius: "I said, "Good luck, that ain't gonna work. L8:"

Kaiserfuchs: "but then, what is SL doing - isnt that exactly the same path they try to go?"

Rabbit: "to bad they never finished building AT&T"

Rabbit: "they couda used some rebuild"

Rabbit: ""

Kaiserfuchs: "and with a extraordinary technical overkill?"

Lord Xopl: "basically... it's like Zelda Ocarina of Time but with other people in it"

Lord Xopl: "surely SOMEBODY can get that going for me"

Stue: "LOL"

Lord Xopl: "I'll pay lke.... $1 for it"

Vaserius: "LOL"

Lord Xopl: "one whole dollar"

Lord Xopl: "US"

Teresias: "Honestly, I'm not sure.\"

Kaiserfuchs: "there are 3d worlds with normal chat windows btw"

Vaserius: "Who asked you Teresias."

MissJ: (x i s on a roll here)

Vaserius: "Shut up."

MissJ: (lol)

Teresias: "Are they trying to liceense their tech?"

Vaserius: "I'm tired of your lip."

Necrolyte White Rose: "Rofl"

Teresias: "Eat it V-boy!"

Guinevere: "guys now behave"

Rabbit: "lol"

MissJ: (ut oh)

Kaiserfuchs: "hmm, they talked about that in tech talk once"

Oracle Web Cam

Vaz passing out with a big bottle of Absinthe in the foreground.

Lord Xopl: "Vaz is passed out"

Vaserius: "Sorry, that's the Newcastle talking."

Lord Xopl: "on the camera"

Lord Xopl: "HAHAHAAH"

Vaserius: "LOL"

Stue: "Yeah you're turning into a bunch of Geordies"

Teresias: "Yeah, it's amazing. "

Necrolyte White Rose: "zzzzzz"

Kaiserfuchs: "I think that is the long term goal, a similar model that AW is pursuing"

Teresias: "The damn bottle just jumped up and started typing."

Kaiserfuchs: "(who also went bust once already)"

Guinevere: "lol"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "so, let me see if I'm seeing this right ...."

Lord Xopl: "AW?"

Rabbit: "newcastle will do that"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "that's a huge bottle of booze on the table"

Rabbit: "its robust"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "and it has an EYE on the label"

Rabbit: "I mean its ok"

Teresias: "It's the booze of ghosts!"

Kaiserfuchs: "activeworlds, is now also 10 years old"

Rabbit: "for an english ale"

MissJ: (i wanna see his ass)

MissJ: (lol)

Vaserius: "LOL"

Stue: "That looks like the eye from the Big Brother logo"

Rabbit: "not Irish mind you"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "rofl"

Rabbit: "but it will do"

Vaserius: "It's Dreamscape Absinthe."

Guinevere: "lol"

Vaserius: "It's in AvatarWares. You didn't see it?"

Guinevere: "rofl"

MissJ: "no"

MissJ: "lol"

*You are now following Rosaleah of the Jungle.*

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "ROFL"

Rabbit: "Absinthe in AW?"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "I don't do AW"

Rabbit: "cool"

Lord Xopl: "Active Whatnow?"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "I stay Pure"

Kaiserfuchs: "activeworlds, that is = AW"

MissJ: "give it up"

Kaiserfuchs: "not Avatarswares <g>"

MissJ: "lets see the ass"

Rabbit: "Pure designs some AW stuff Rosie"

Rabbit: "so"

Lord Xopl: "there are other virtual worlds besides this one?!"

Rabbit: ""

MissJ: "LMAO"

Rabbit: "try again'"

Necrolyte White Rose: "it makes you see everything in Green"

Teresias: "Whoa. His wife is gona see...."

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "rofl"

Necrolyte White Rose: "where is Fernie Sprite when you need her"

Conversation Missing

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "LOL MissJ"

Lord Xopl: "2D virtual world"

Teresias: "I think Virtual Environment..."

Vaserius: "Virtual World"

Teresias: "Erps."

Kaiserfuchs: "non-competetive worlds where people just live an alternative life?"

Lord Xopl: "graphics circa 1991"

Lord Xopl: "hahahahah"

Vaserius: "Dreamscape = Virtual World"

Kaiserfuchs: "when I say virtual worlds, most people think about ego shooters <g>"

Teresias: "I was going to say, I think VE is the term used by the game folks to differentiate from a MMO."

Vaserius: "The Palace = Graphical Chat"

Lord Xopl: "Man I can remember trying to tell people that this wasn't a game"

Kaiserfuchs: "or things like Ultima or Realm"

Vaserius: "Everquest = MMORPG"

Lord Xopl: "and they looked at me like I was crazy"

Teresias: "So, basically, the jury is still out."

Vaserius: "Totally."

Guinevere: "lol I know"

Vaserius: "Obey me."

Teresias: "Yeah, people still do that, X"

Necrolyte White Rose: "my grandmother (who does not really understand computers) thought I was watching cartoons all day"

Kaiserfuchs: "So - one of the problems is the right term has still to be found"

Vaserius: "The right term to explain this to the masses, yes."

Kaiserfuchs: "to differentiate the various kinds of virtual something?"

Teresias: "It was made worse when There and 2L advertised themselves pretty much like games."

Lord Xopl: "My parents called it "The Pumpkin Head Game""

Lord Xopl: ""Are you playing that Pumpkin Head Game?""

MissJ: "all kidding aside..."

Guinevere: "My Bf does not understand why I would rather be here than out deer hunting"

MissJ: "its a great place virtually"

Necrolyte White Rose: "LOL Xopl"

Kaiserfuchs: "Wasnt there advertising itself mostly for housewives?"

MissJ: "if you cxan seperate RW from here"

Vaserius: "And even WORSE when There described themselves as an Online Destination'"

Kaiserfuchs: "just to make another connection here <g>"

Rabbit: "hmmm my five year old says daddy can we look at the cartoonie world firends of yours now"

Rabbit: ""

Lord Xopl: "That's worse?"

Teresias: "I BEcause here is dry and warm and deer hunting is wet, dirty and sometimes loud?"

Lord Xopl: "I kinda like online destination"

Guinevere: "yep"

Teresias: "What's to be confused about? "

Vaserius: "Well, no one thinks about using their computer to go on vacation."

Guinevere: "Lol I don't know"

Lord Xopl: "no"

Vaserius: "That's what There was trying to sell, and no one was buying."

Lord Xopl: "that is true"

Kaiserfuchs: "I really find it difficult, today more than ever, to tak to other people"

Lord Xopl: "work in the valium and 3D headsets"

Kaiserfuchs: "and explain what a virtual world is"

Lord Xopl: "maybe then I'd be in for some vacation"

Vaserius: "You use your computer to do stuff, not relax."

Necrolyte White Rose: "My hubby is an EQ addict so he understands my DS addiction...even got him helping me win games. <G> he "

Necrolyte White Rose: "sometimes even jumps in without me having to pout now."

Rosaleah of the Jungle: (Even when I SHOW someone, it still often doesn't get through)

Vaserius: "And it was in conflict with the "meet while doing" philosophy of the service."

MissJ: "i agree Rosa, some just dont get it"

Guinevere: "as much as my RW life has changed over the last 10 years, I know I can always come here and chat with "

Guinevere: "friends and everything is ok"

Vaserius: "BRB"

Kaiserfuchs: "Recently I start from the VE side too"

Kaiserfuchs: "and talk about Virtual Environments"

Lord Xopl: "Anyone ever have dreams in pixels... or set in Kymer?"

Kaiserfuchs: "which people do not (yet) seems to connect to games"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "Well but there's always leakage"

Necrolyte White Rose: "When DS was down for all those months, I went nuts.. it was like my small piece of sanity was gone."

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "mebbe that's the key the amount of leakage"

Teresias: "That's why I use the term KF"

MissJ: "leakage????"

Kaiserfuchs: "and then extend to virtual landscaping, etc."

<ESP from õ F”r ångl õ: ive drempt about being in ds sooo many times ive lost count>

Lord Xopl: "I had this super surreal dream once where I was in here and it was the last day of Kymer"

Rabbit: "brings up an interesting curve... at work I constantly have department heads ask me to block certain "

Rabbit: "services as their empolyees are using the computers to relax and play at work"

Teresias: "I haven't had a dream in pixels in years."

Rabbit: ""

Lord Xopl: "but it was a mix of real life and pixel graphics"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "(rw leaking into virtual world and vice versa)"

MissJ: "right"

Guinevere: "lol Uni said one time she knew she had been here too ling when she tried to "click" on a door to open it"

Kaiserfuchs: "this is something people accept to be a serious thing <g>"

Rabbit: "must be a matter of prespective"

Teresias: "Actually, most of my DS dreams were very metaphorical."

Guinevere: "too long too"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "Oh man, I've had those, Ter"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "LOL"

MissJ: "i ahev always made it a rule not to get involved here"

MissJ: "and i never have"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "well"

Rabbit: "yeah Ter like turning into a snake and heading off into the Heath"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "f'rinstance"

Oracle Web Cam

Is it something I said?

Lord Xopl: "the oracles are having a chuckle"

Rabbit: "oh and porting me to the void"

Rabbit: "<g>"

Lord Xopl: "on the internets"

MissJ: "well there was Bker Steve in PA, before someone rats me out"

MissJ: "LMAO"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "when Joe passed away this year"

Guinevere: "lol"

Teresias: "More like draming about being surrounded by crocadiles and using one of them to fend off the others."

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "I remember the funeral we had for him"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "HERE"

Rabbit: "oh and he turned me into a newt"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "where he'd never been"

Lord Xopl: "hahaha crocodiles"

Rabbit: "I got better"

MissJ: "Huggggs Rosa"

MissJ: "I dint know"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "that's leakage"

MissJ: "I just got back only yesterday"

Necrolyte White Rose: "I helped my hubby run a local science fiction convention in Phila. Because my hubby was the conchair, he "

Necrolyte White Rose: "was instantly visable and always had to be available. It was then I realized the true power of the ALT IW"

Vaserius: "Wow."

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "awwww thanks MissJ"

Guinevere: "hugss Rosa ya know we love ya"

MissJ: "Im sorry sis"

Lord Xopl: "So... Teresias, Vaz.... "Intertron," "Internets," "Interweb" or "Interlink" ... what is your favourite fake "

Lord Xopl: "name for the internet?"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "yah end of April"

Rabbit: "Gorenet"

Rabbit: "<eg>"

MissJ: "Huggs you"

Oracle Web Cam

Apparently Vaz drank most of that Absinthe himself.

Lord Xopl: "Wow that was a dramatic change... it went from you two laughing to Vaz falling asleep at the wheel."

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "huuuggsss back atcha hon"

Vaserius: "Much condolences, Rosaleah."

Teresias: "internet unless I am referring to goofy web sites then it's Intarweb."

MissJ: "rosa??"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "aw thanks Vaz"

Lord Xopl: "HUGS"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "I was just usin' it as an example"

MissJ: "werent you good friends with Magician??"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "me?"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "naw"

MissJ: "yes??"

Vaserius: "I know, but that's also a great example of why this place is special."

Teresias: "Wait...."

MissJ: "oh"

Necrolyte White Rose: "HUGS Rosa"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "Saw him at the Gatherings tho"

Teresias: "Did Magician die?"

Guinevere: "it is"

MissJ: "i watched the video today of PA2"

Necrolyte White Rose: "Nope"

MissJ: "what a hoot"

Teresias: "Whew!"

Guinevere: "oh my Miss J"

Teresias: "I know he's up there in age...."

Necrolyte White Rose: "he srill wanders around giving opinions"

Lord Xopl: "Man how I wish I'd taken more screen captures and saved more text in 96 and 97"

MissJ: "Ritz stripping, and in handcuffs on th evideo"

Lord Xopl: "I would kill to have that stuff logged"

Teresias: "Ah, that's good."

MissJ: "Magician doing a majic show"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "Ritz! LOL"

Necrolyte White Rose: "Just because the Creators and Acolytes have the power to impose changes on DS and on NH does not "

Necrolyte White Rose: "give them the right to take a simple, straightforward idea and muck it up."

Lord Xopl: "I keep wishing that somebody would write a book about this place"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "21 in a bathtub"

MissJ: "I talke to ritz last year"

Guinevere: "did it have our RW F7 contest on it?"

MissJ: "I have that picture Rosa"

Necrolyte White Rose: "that is Magician"

MissJ: "cant find it"

Vaserius: "Woah."

Teresias: "Whoa!"

Teresias: "I take it that is a quote?"

Guinevere: "lol"

Kaiserfuchs: "Uni wrote a book with one chapter of Kymer"

Teresias: "Right."

Necrolyte White Rose: "yes"

Kaiserfuchs: "has even a picture of Kymer on the front"

Necrolyte White Rose: "For example, the V-Mart Department Store was an example of intelligent design with a simple room "

Necrolyte White Rose: "numbering system. Somebody with no taste or sense of style came along and removed the escalators "

Necrolyte White Rose: "and rearranged the room numbers so that we have to hunt thro"

Teresias: "Excellent! "

Vaserius: "Teresias and I have some thoughts about some lessons. Maybe not a book, but some articles."

Rabbit: "yeah sounds like him"

Necrolyte White Rose: "through several rooms to find the items we want to buy."

Stue: "Those would be great!"

Kaiserfuchs: "I wrote verious articles for magazines about Kymer once"

Teresias: "LOL!"

Kaiserfuchs: "German language that was"

Rabbit: "I do say however at times I miss the 5 emails a wekk or so from him"

Vaserius: "No comment Magician. <g>"

Conversation Missing

Necrolyte White Rose: "simple park design. The changes needed to create a space for the museum was good, but now the "

Necrolyte White Rose: "museum has now fallen into neglect. and it is very difficu"

Teresias: "Yeah, but it's funny when we aren't the idiots mucking things up...."

Rabbit: "what?"

Lord Xopl: "I wonder what I did with my short email interview with you Teresias?"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "LOL"

Necrolyte White Rose: "difficult to donate something to the museum. "

Lord Xopl: "I better have that somewhere."

Kaiserfuchs: "I think Med Park is different now too"

Vaserius: "Yeah, I have to say, we had our share of critics."

Kaiserfuchs: "but better than in the first year"

Necrolyte White Rose: ""

MissJ: "I have one gripe when i came back"

Guinevere: "oh the magic show was a hoot with John Wiz up there and then the dancing frogs in Piemurs lap"

Teresias: "That was a long time ago. "

Vaserius: "It's only better because those are the good old days."

Kaiserfuchs: "when there was just 3 winter locales"

Necrolyte White Rose: "No matter what you do"

Kaiserfuchs: "and Vaserius placed a vendo on my foxhole "

Lord Xopl: "Wow... what if there were wiki's back in the day.... just think of how sweet that wiki would be to read "

Lord Xopl: "now"

MissJ: "John wiz?"

Rabbit: "hey Im sorry I called you names cuz there wasnt a Rabbit head in 95"

Rabbit: "<g>"

Vaserius: "LOL"

Necrolyte White Rose: "No matter what you try to do, not everyone will be happy"

Lord Xopl: "is there a wiki for this place these dauys?"

MissJ: "where was he from??"

Teresias: "I have no clue. I did snag all the kymer Clarions and other papers from 96-97"

Vaserius: "LOL Lag."

Guinevere: "Dallas"

MissJ: "hmmm"

Kaiserfuchs: "Maybe it was too much giving in to the citizens once"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "yanno, a wiki for the DS would be awesome"

MissJ: "was he a GK?"

Guinevere: "well he was living up north someplace, but he was born and raised in Dallas"

Guinevere: "goodness I don't remember"

Kaiserfuchs: "however, if that had not taken place, Dreamscape would have closed "

MissJ: "i was trying to remember his name"

Guinevere: "I think so"

Guinevere: "he went by Shawn too"

MissJ: "he was reallly drinking heavy at PA2?"

MissJ: "YES"

MissJ: ""

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "he was yes"

Guinevere: "John is his RW first name"

Lord Xopl: "HAHA"

Necrolyte White Rose: "LOL"

Oracle Web Cam

Is Vaz hiding his drunken state? Nope, I think that's just one of their daughters in the foreground. Look at that big Teresias smile! I love the beard, man.

Lord Xopl: "hiding your drunkenness Vaz?"

MissJ: "hate to say this"

MissJ: "but"

Guinevere: "not all the time he was not drinking"

MissJ: "can we not talk about him"

Guinevere: "where be Data toinight?"

Lord Xopl: "good old Data"

MissJ: "he backhanded my son on the way to the airport after PA2"

MissJ: "that all ill say"

Guinevere: "Texas still hears from him RW"

Lord Xopl: "I'm pretty sure he was the first avatar I saw"

Teresias: "We are being distracted by GG the princess."

MissJ: "he left after that"

Necrolyte White Rose: "Data was here not too long ago"

Teresias: "Ho's Data doing?"

Necrolyte White Rose: "he got under my skin cause he was talking about acos and O's and such"

Guinevere: "doing good From what Texas said"

Lord Xopl: "I see a head"

Kaiserfuchs: "has anybody seen LeadMan and his wife?"

Kaiserfuchs: "They live in CA now"

Necrolyte White Rose: "he is doing well, and we talked nice once we got off the topic of O's and A's"

Guinevere: "lol"

Rabbit: "nice"

Lord Xopl: "doppleganger"

Rabbit: "<g>"

Lord Xopl: "that looked like fuggly"

Nite Star (Allen): "greetings "

Lord Xopl: "holy crap"

MissJ: "i allen"

Vaserius: "Thanks!"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "huggsss allen!"

Lord Xopl: "never saw that body before"

Rabbit: "<g>"

Lord Xopl: "Say, did they ever release the pan body... goat legs"

MissJ: "LOL Xop"

Nite Star (Allen): "my favorite body here"

Necrolyte White Rose: "Yes they did"

Guinevere: "Allen"

Kaiserfuchs: "a roman variation of an egyptian dress I would say <g>"

Vaserius: "Whoa"

MissJ: "yanno what freaked me out when i saw it"

Necrolyte White Rose: "only for Roleplayer/Pans"

Vaserius: "We sure didn't have that back in the day. "

MissJ: "those trolls"

Teresias: "Yeah, that's one impressive outfit."

Guinevere: "and they are full of it too"

MissJ: "Vas??"

Vaserius: "Huh?"

MissJ: "have you seen a troll?"

MissJ: "LMAO"

Necrolyte White Rose: "SK Warrior bod, right?"

Nite Star (Allen): "yes"

Rabbit: "oh you should se some of the female bodies'"

Teresias: "Yeah, we saw."

Necrolyte White Rose: "<G>"

*You are now following Rabbit.*

*You have stopped following Rabbit.*

Guinevere: "lol"

Necrolyte White Rose: "did you see a sprite?"

Necrolyte White Rose: ""

Teresias: "The womwan who was art director would not have approved."

Lord Xopl: "ping!"

Nite Star (Allen): "no that was my dragon"

MissJ: "lol Ter"

Guinevere: "rofl"

Rabbit: "oh oh what was her name?"

Rabbit: "art director"

Necrolyte White Rose: "was she conserative?"

Teresias: "No."

MissJ: "I like my spandex shirt, Calvins and Calvins here"

MissJ: ""

MissJ: "the Kmarket shoes?"

MissJ: "they GOT to GO"

Teresias: "She just felt that uh amplified bodies were not the most apporpriate thing."

Rabbit: "in other words extra big clevage"

Nite Star (Allen): "lol"

Rabbit: "woulda never been approved"

Rabbit: "<g>"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "ah but folks wanted them"

Lord Xopl: "BOOBIES"

Necrolyte White Rose: "Rofl"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "and now you can buy cleavage at NuYu"

MissJ: "LOL i remember we used to patch paint these bodies to make our boobs look bigger"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "rofl"

MissJ: "LMAO"

Necrolyte White Rose: "LOL"

Kaiserfuchs: "amplified?"

Rabbit: "yeah thats one thing too Vaz and Ter"

Teresias: "Yes, but on the other hand, we had one guy in QA who refused to test an art statue because it had a "

Rabbit: "they sell clevage at the Vmart"

Teresias: "gasp -- "

Teresias: "nipple!"

Kaiserfuchs: "a gasp?"

Rabbit: "big and extra big"

Necrolyte White Rose: "ROFL!"

Guinevere: "lol"

Vaserius: "Hehe"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "hehehehehe"

MissJ: "HAHAH spit my coffee out Ter"

Lord Xopl: "they do NOT sell extra big boobs in VMart"

Teresias: "Yeah, one of the med park statues."

Lord Xopl: "you are LYING"

Kaiserfuchs: "oh, that must have been when the Olympic Games were in California"

Teresias: "No. I swear."

MissJ: "LOL Xop"

MissJ: "BUT"

Nite Star (Allen): "brb"

Kaiserfuchs: "and they covered that old statue"

Necrolyte White Rose: "I'll take you there alter Xopl"

MissJ: "they dont work on this body"

Teresias: "He refused to test it."

MissJ: "I tried once"

MissJ: "LMAO"

Teresias: " He was really upset that we were allowing it."

Lord Xopl: "anyone got a pair I can try on?"

Teresias: "Of course we asked Dev to have someone else test the DAVID statue."

Vaserius: "I look goooooooooood."

MissJ: "Umm"

Necrolyte White Rose: "Sorry I don't carry em around LOL"

MissJ: (Yes you do)

MissJ: (hahaha)

MissJ: ()

Kaiserfuchs: ":)"

*You've received Bigger Cleavage Too from Nite Star (Allen).*

MissJ: "HAHHA Xop got cleavedge"

Lord Xopl: "that doesn't work"

Necrolyte White Rose: "Shh J"

MissJ: "OMG those BIG ones"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "LOL"

MissJ: "i ddint see them"

MissJ: "Can i try pls?"

Teresias: "Wow. Clevage...."

MissJ: "LOL"

Lord Xopl: "and why did they replace my glasses"

Guinevere: "I gots so much junk in my pocket"

Teresias: "I was trying to figureout what the little half moons in the nu yu were."

Nite Star (Allen): "is where they places the hang for them"

Necrolyte White Rose: "they are so big you do not nmeed glasses to see them?"

Kaiserfuchs: "half moons?"

Conversation Missing

Guinevere: "too dark for ya"

Nite Star (Allen): "see you have boobies"

Kaiserfuchs: "not too bad"

MissJ: "k how take them off now"

Necrolyte White Rose: "look at the men staring"

Necrolyte White Rose: "ssheesh"

Guinevere: "lol"

Nite Star (Allen): "click on them"

MissJ: "ohhh"

Teresias: "Yeah, wearing boobs on yoru head is not intuitive."

MissJ: "touch them you mean???"

MissJ: "LMAO"

Lord Xopl: "Teresias... have you got any Fantastic beard growing tips?"

Necrolyte White Rose: "LOL"

Nite Star (Allen): "yes play with your boobs"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: ":: cracking up ::"

MissJ: "VAS?"

Teresias: "Trim it like normal hair and use conditioner."

Vaserius: "LOL"

Lord Xopl: "<writing this down>"

MissJ: "and TER?"

Vaserius: "Bigger cleavage."

Vaserius: "OK, gang."

Nite Star (Allen): "try them on lol"

Rabbit: "and bigger"

Vaserius: "That's it for me tonight."

Necrolyte White Rose: ",lolol"

Vaserius: "Color me gone."

MissJ: "was really a nice surprise seeing ya guys"

Vaserius: "Color me green."

Rabbit: "k Vaz"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "awwww"

Lord Xopl: "Sleep well Vaz"

Vaserius: "Color me bad."

Vaserius: "LOL"

Lord Xopl: "Great to see you! Thanks for coming!"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "Was great seeing you, Vaz"

Kaiserfuchs: "TV watchers: was there a supernatural episode today?"

Rabbit: "it was damn nice seeing you"

Guinevere: "lol hugs and Dream Well Vaz"

Vaserius: "It was so great to see you all."

Lord Xopl: "Dream Well."

Nite Star (Allen): "dream well both of you"

MissJ: "dream well guys"

Vaserius: "Honestly, the honor was all mine."

Necrolyte White Rose: "hugs"

Kaiserfuchs: "have a great evening "

MissJ: "be safe"

Rabbit: "no no the honor is allours"

Necrolyte White Rose: "Dream Well"

Vaserius: "I'll hopefully see you all again."


Kaiserfuchs: "I will try to contact Uni"

Guinevere: "awesome to see you guys"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "huuggss and don't wait 10 years to come back again"

Kaiserfuchs: "maybe..."

Vaserius: "Fight! Fight!"

<ESP from JaneBond: >

Necrolyte White Rose: ""

Rabbit: "lol"

Guinevere: "for sure"

Vaserius: "I really missed you, Xopl."

Kaiserfuchs: "there could be some ex-oracle meetings in here once"

<ESP to JaneBond: heeeeeeeeey>

<ESP to JaneBond: HUGS!>

Kaiserfuchs: "like Oracle-talk <g>"

<ESP from JaneBond: hugs you>

Rabbit: "and he misses the plauge too"

Rabbit: "<g>"

Lord Xopl: "XOPL.COM buddy"

Lord Xopl: "stop on by"

Guinevere: "lol"

Teresias: "Oracle smack talk?"

Daisy: "Quacks for coming!"

Necrolyte White Rose: "the ex oracle staff group."

Vaserius: "See you there, man."

Lord Xopl: "Take care."

Necrolyte White Rose: "called the oraclytes"

Kaiserfuchs: "hehe"

Kaiserfuchs: "yes"

Guinevere: "lol"

Kaiserfuchs: "a new group"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "lol"

Rabbit: "the WMolytes?"

Kaiserfuchs: "whic only abide the words of the old oracles then"

Rabbit: "naaaa"

Kaiserfuchs: "HAHA"

Lord Xopl: "remember: water and ibprofen in the morning"

Rabbit: "we are all assholes"

Rabbit: ""


Teresias: "Naw. I'd rather be a crankolyte."

Teresias: "Damn kids!"

Guinevere: "rofl"

Kaiserfuchs: "oracle revolution "

Lord Xopl: "oh and fatty food helps the hangover too"

Rabbit: "lol Ter"

Necrolyte White Rose: "Btye Vaz!"

MissJ: "nite Ter"

Nite Star (Allen): "bed time for me all niters dream well"

Conversation Missing

Necrolyte White Rose: "You both drank alot tonight<G>"

Lord Xopl: "It's so cool that you came in."

Necrolyte White Rose: ""

Necrolyte White Rose: ""

Lord Xopl: "Thanks for remembering me."

Teresias: "Have a great time and stay good."

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "huuugggs"

Lord Xopl: "Take care man"

Teresias: "That's what's kept it going for 10 years."

MissJ: "dream well Ter"

Necrolyte White Rose: "never good...always amazing. "

Teresias: "It's your world. "

Lord Xopl: "Dream Well."

Teresias: "Nighters!"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: (good, bah)

Kaiserfuchs: ""

Necrolyte White Rose: "dream Well!"

Daisy: " Happy Quacky Kymer New Year! "

Kaiserfuchs: "Hmm, does anybody know whether there was a Supernatural episode today?"

Lord Xopl: "Nighters"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "wow"

Rabbit: "man that was to cool"

Lord Xopl: "I didn't see if there was an episode"

Kaiserfuchs: "on TV that is "

Lord Xopl: "sorry"

Necrolyte White Rose: "Thank you"

Lord Xopl: "By the way Rabbits"

Necrolyte White Rose: "Stue arranged it"

Rabbit: "awesum to see those two"

Necrolyte White Rose: "I just bugged him constantly"

Rabbit: "can I kiss you?"

*You've received Daisy's Duck Feather from Daisy.*

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "yah totally"

Necrolyte White Rose: "Stue?"

Kaiserfuchs: "I will bug Uni in the next weeks <eg>"

Necrolyte White Rose: "sure"

Rabbit: "just a peck on the check"

Lord Xopl: "Hardy Har Har regarding the plague"

Necrolyte White Rose: ""

Rabbit: "lol X"

Lord Xopl: "Lagomorphs are so funn"

Lord Xopl: "y"

Kaiserfuchs: "thank oyu "

Rabbit: "youre slow but mon you get there"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: (someone clue me in on where those masks are coming from?)

Lord Xopl: "the duck"

Rabbit: "from Daisy"

Necrolyte White Rose: "the duck"

Lord Xopl: "the little duck"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "oh!"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "LOL"

Lord Xopl: "she's completely quackers about masks"

Necrolyte White Rose: "she owns Isle Caribe now"

Lord Xopl: "Man what a trip seeing those two"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "I thot it was a banner I didn't see"

Rabbit: "see?"

Necrolyte White Rose: "with her friend Duke"

Lord Xopl: "who do I make out with to thank for setting that up"

Daisy: ""

Daisy: " Quacks!"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "huuggss Daisy"

Necrolyte White Rose: "Stue."

Kaiserfuchs: ""

Necrolyte White Rose: "I'll sub."

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "thankers"

Necrolyte White Rose: ""

Necrolyte White Rose: ""

Rabbit: "me I want to know where the shit wagon is for sell"

Daisy: "Qhugs Rosa!"

Necrolyte White Rose: "LOL!!!!"

Rabbit: "I need one"

Lord Xopl: "HAHAHA"

Lord Xopl: "classic"


Kaiserfuchs: "It is getting early, I should leave too"


Rabbit: "KF?"

Kaiserfuchs: "Have a great time you all "

Necrolyte White Rose: "It was all Stue's doing"

Daisy: "Queezers n Quisses! "

Lord Xopl: "oh Stue! --I mean WhiteRose"

Necrolyte White Rose: "But I'll do the kissin"

Necrolyte White Rose: ""

Rabbit: "Id like to say to you that I am very glad to see you"

Kaiserfuchs: "Bye allll"

Rabbit: "and hope you are doing well"

Kaiserfuchs: "it was a nice time I had "

Necrolyte White Rose: "peck"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "was a great time tonight"

Lord Xopl: "Great seeing you KS"

Lord Xopl: "glad you look the same"

Rosaleah of the Jungle: "indeedy"

Daisy: "Daisy has balloons too"

Kaiserfuchs: ""

Lord Xopl: "Daisy own's CC?"

Necrolyte White Rose: "YUP!"

Kaiserfuchs: "I am here once a month for the fish hnt"

Necrolyte White Rose: "with her friend Duke"

Kaiserfuchs: "and tuesdays for the fox trivia "

Lord Xopl: "Does she do drink deals?"

Conversation Missing

Necrolyte White Rose: "I must get something to drink and head to bed"

Necrolyte White Rose: ""

Lady Shania: "Yeppers"

Necrolyte White Rose: "it has been a total blast!!"

Necrolyte White Rose: ""

Lord Xopl: "I suggest a whiskey highball"

Daisy: "Goodnight Miss Rose"

Lady Shania: "hugggggggs WR"

Lord Xopl: "HUGS WR"

Necrolyte White Rose: "night night Daisy"

Lord Xopl: "thanks for emailing me today"

Lady Shania: "nite nite"

Daisy: ""

Daisy: "Queezers n Quisses! "

Necrolyte White Rose: "I am glad I saw your site"

Necrolyte White Rose: ""

Lady Shania: "hugggggs you for the great return of Vaz and Ter"

Necrolyte White Rose: "Smoooch"

Lord Xopl: "HUGS!"

Necrolyte White Rose: ""

Lord Xopl: "SMOOCHES"

Lord Xopl: "ewww bear fur"

Necrolyte White Rose: "smoooooooch"

Necrolyte White Rose: ""

Lady Shania: "huggggggs Lord"

Lady Shania: "LTNS"

Lord Xopl: "HUGS!"

Lord Xopl: "indeed"

Necrolyte White Rose: "huggs for a wonderful job"

Lady Shania: "Don't make it so long next time"

Necrolyte White Rose: ""

Lord Xopl: "sawwie"

Lord Xopl: "me bad"

Lady Shania: "lol"

Lady Shania: "No, just MIA"

Lady Shania: "come back more often, k?"

Necrolyte White Rose: "ni ni!!!!!!!!!!!"

Necrolyte White Rose: "HUGS"

Lady Shania: "nite nite"

Necrolyte White Rose: "I hate to run but I gotta"

Lady Shania: "I gotta run too"

<ESP to Stue: Thanks for bring Ter and Vaz in... that was spectacular. I really appreciate it.>

Lord Xopl: "HUGS"

Lady Shania: "But wanted to say howdy and such"

Necrolyte White Rose: "I work nights but I have not slept in 2 days LOL"

Lady Shania: "lol, I hear ya"

Lady Shania: "huggggggggs"

Necrolyte White Rose: "huggs"

Lord Xopl: "niters everyone"

Lady Shania: "nite ntie"

*This is scenery.*

[Entering Locale: Outside Temple of Morpheus]

[Entering Locale: Outside Temple of Morpheus]

Morpheus Has Decreed!: "A vision has come from Morpheus, Dream Lord."

[Entering Locale: Outside Temple of Morpheus]

[Entering Locale: Outside Temple of Morpheus]

<ESP from Daisy: Hello?>

Morpheus Has Decreed!: "A vision has come from Morpheus, Dream Lord."

Lance: "U wanna go to Dillons tomorrow Ma and rent some movies?"

*** KC Tornado ***: "yes but he'd freeze his lil tushie off. lol"

Morpheus Has Decreed!: " He has decreed that the time has arrived for the land to be traveled. "

<ESP to Daisy: howdy!>

Morpheus Has Decreed!: "Numbers will be given to you as you journey,"

<ESP from Daisy: Can DAisy and Duke be on your list please?>

Morpheus Has Decreed!: "toss out the extras, mix the rest around"

*** KC Tornado ***: "yea hon. I might if you is good"

AzzŠlin: "like you don't hun?"

brattyone: "He's got his leather coat"

Morpheus Has Decreed!: "to open the gate and seek out the place"

Lance: "I can do that........when does she have to go out?"

<ESP to Daisy: absolutely>

Morpheus Has Decreed!: "where Morpheus awaits."

<ESP to Daisy: I'll add everyone from tonight too>

brattyone: "Now"

Morpheus Has Decreed!: "Start your travels in the Temple."

Lance: "I's be good..."

*** KC Tornado ***: "every ten mins"

AzzŠlin: "LOL"

Lance: "Oh......*lol*"

*** KC Tornado ***: "LOL"

brattyone: "Go take her out for her then give me a call when your done ok? I'm gonna get ready for bed."

Lance: "I may have to have Stormy email me his Hawks coat over til my luggage arrives.."

*** KC Tornado ***: "brb gracie"

AzzŠlin: "kkk"

Lance: "Ok.,...wait....Ma when we watching GH?>U wanna watch it before me and Tammy talk?Or after?"

AzzŠlin: "kk"

[Entering Locale: Outside Temple of Morpheus]

Blue Thunder : "hugssssss"

Sweets: "huggggggggs uncle"

<ESP from Daisy: Daisy must go to the pond now she is very sleepy>

Blue Thunder : "i won somethig both me fire but she not esp me back"

<ESP to Daisy: Dream well.>

The End