November 2004, A Foreword by Xopl

Here is a post to my website from 2001. The language used is appropriate to an online virtual world existing since 1995 known first as WorldsAway and later as Vzones. Any online service persistent for almost 10 years now is destined for some change, and in this message I was attempting to boost morale amongst the lingering number of people who had been users of the service since the very beginning. I don't believe in editing historical documents, so here it is unchanged.


The Dream seems more distant when you are away. However, it can truly be revived when the opportunity arrises to catch up with old friends, just like the good old days. There are many more oldbies floating around Kymer than I think we all realize. The trick is getting more of us inworld at the same time.

I think we're all familiar with this scenario: Log in. Do a lap around town. You don't see any familiar faces. You don't even see anybody who isn't just parking. You try to ESP a few names. Some of those names don't even exist anymore. None of them are online. You log off with a sigh. Let's put that to an END, shall we?

This is where the Old Timers' Club comes into play! I propose we pick one night a week, each week, where anybody who can will come inworld and have an old fanshioned good time catching up with one another. I think you'll all find it really reminds you of why it was you were so addicted to -- errr, I mean why you lived in Kymer.

Perhaps the day of the week and the time could rotate to accomodate more people. For now, please email me telling me what day of the week and what times of the day would be best for you. Soon enough we'll be able to schedule the first week!

I encourage you to spread this via word of mouth. I'm really looking forward to seeing more of you all. More people at once. More often.

Lord Xopl